ActualManhunt 0.1.3-BETA

A plugin to track players using a compass

  1. Evla03
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Dream/GeorgeNotFound (for the idea and their videos)
    This plugin is inspired by Dream's manhunt series on youtube (playlist).

    This is a really simple plugin for playing Minecraft manhunt with your friends. The plugin only really adds the two commands:
    - /track <player>
    - /untrack

    /track is used to add a player to your list of people to track, the closest of them will be shown when right-clicking with the compass. When using this command you will get a compass that can then be used to right-click and show the direction of the nearest tracked player.
    You can also enter multiple names (/track Notch Herobrine Evla03), which would be the same as writing
    /track Notch
    /track Herobrine
    /track Evla03

    /untrack removed all tracked players from your list and unregisters you from using the compass for tracking.

    It only works on 1.16+ because it uses the lodestone feature of the compass to work in the nether etc.

    • actualmanhunt.* - all permissions
    • actualmanhunt.track - allows someone to use /track and /untrack commands on anyone, default: true

    • The compass works in the overworld, nether, and end
    • The compass does not get dropped on death if the player is using it to track someone
    • The compass is capable of tracking more than one person, and if so selects the closest one
    • Updates when you right-clicking with the compass
    • You will automatically get a compass if you add someone to your tracking list without one in the inventory, and automatically respawn with one if you are tracking someone
    • Ignores dead players when tracking
    • Open source! :D

    • When reloading your server, everything resets so you need to add everyone again.

Recent Updates

  1. 0.1.3 update
  2. Fixed permission typo