AcuteLoot 2.3.1

Custom RPG-style loot and effects with over 15 BILLION unique possibilities

  1. zizmax
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    zizmax, phillip-h
    Languages Supported:
    Supports ALL languages [Default names in English]

    The most fun loot plugin


    AcuteLoot adds customizable, RPG style loot to Minecraft servers with over 15 BILLION unique possibilities. You can create AcuteLoot in an enchantment table, by fishing up rare treasures, or by finding loot in a naturally-generated chest.

    • Custom Name Generators - You have complete control over how names are generated. Easily create trillions of possible names.
    • Custom Rarities - Tweak their names and probabilities, and create your own
    • Support for ALL languages - Configurable chat and GUI messages
    • Special Effects - Over 15 effects for swords, bows, and more.
      • Turn enemies into stone with the Medusa effect
      • Drag the sun forwards/backwards with the Time Walker effect
      • Slow down time and rapid fire bows with the Dead Eye effect
    • Easy to use - Just drag and drop to install. Permissions are optional!
    • Lightweight - Written and tested to be fast and scalable
    • Extensible - Documented API to create your own effects and hook plugins into billions of names.
    • Free - Download and use for $0

    Installation and Configuration:

    Installation: Just drag and drop the .jar into /plugins folder and restart server.

    How to use: Enchant any item to create AcuteLoot. AcuteLoot will have a custom name, custom rarity, and possibly even a special effect when you click with it/use it. AcuteLoot can also be found by fishing and by opening up naturally-generated chests like the ones found in dungeons.

    Compatibility: Officially tested on 1.15-1.17 but should work on 1.12+ if you configure materials.txt list to include only materials compatible with your version.

    Configuration: See config.yml for settings and options. You can change practically everything, from the probabilities of different rarities to features of the name generator. To create your own names edit the .txt files in the /names folder. The .txt files in the /names/fixed folder are static names that will appear exactly as you type them. For more information about how names are generated, see the FAQ below. You can change the materials.txt file to add or remove items from being used in the random loot generation. You can use /al reload to reload every config option and .txt file.

    Enchanting, fishing, opening chest GIFs:

    • Linger
    • Lava
    • Sparkle
    • Cursed
    • Love
      • Heals target equal to arrow's damage!
    • Laser
    • Lava
    • Loopy
    • Music
    • Splash
    • Sticky
    • Mythic
    • Boots that plant flowers as you walk!
    • Boots that drag the sun across the sky and age mobs & crops!
    • Bow that slows down time and rapid fires arrows. Inspired by Red Dead Redemption.
    • Bow that shoots you!
    • Bow that turns enemies into stone!
    • Helmet that increases XP gained from all activities!

    Permissions: Permissions are completely optional but are enabled by default to make configuration easier. By default only OPs can use AcuteLoot commands, but all players can get AcuteLoot by enchanting, fishing, or opening naturally-spawned chests.
    • acuteloot.rename
    • acuteloot.remove
    • acuteloot.stats
    • acuteloot.reload
    • acuteloot.add
    • acuteloot.chest
    • acuteloot.salvage
    • acuteloot.salvage-force-open
    • acuteloot.* (All AcuteLoot permissions)
    • acuteloot.enchant (To create AcuteLoot with enchanting table. True for everyone by default)
    • acuteloot.reroll (True for everyone by default)
    • acuteloot.give

    • /al new [rarity] [effect] - Generates totally random loot
    • /al rename [name] - Renames held item. Leave blank to rename to default
    • /al remove - Removes AcuteLoot from item (name, rarity, special effects)
    • /al stats - Shows LootCode (features coming soon) when holding item, or general stats if not holding anything
    • /al reload - Reloads config, names, and loot materials
    • /al help - Prints out help and command menu
    • /al add <rarity> [effect] - Add a specific rarity and effect to items
    • /al give <player> [rarity] [effect] - Gives AcuteLoot to targeted player
    • /al name [generator] - Generate an AcuteLoot name for an item
    • /al chest [minutes] [radius] [overwrite]
      • Creates AcuteLoot chests. If you are targeting a chest with your cursor, it will affect only that chest. Otherwise, it will search your current chunk and affect all chests in the chunk.
      • If you specify the chunk radius option, it will affect all chests in nearby chunks. Maximum 8.
      • The optional minutes argument specifies a cooldown before chest is refilled.
      • When the overwrite boolean is true, existing AL chests will be overwritten
      • Currently chests created with /al chest follow the global chest probability in config.yml, so passing the cooldown does not guarantee the chest will have new loot in it.
    • /al rmchest [radius] - Removes AcuteLoot metadata from nearby chests within the chunk radius.
    • /al reroll - Re-rolls rarity, name, and effect on AcuteLoot for a configurable price

    • [BETA] commands
      • Under active development. Please report any issues on GitHub.
      • /al salvage [player]
        • Opens a GUI to salvage AcuteLoot into other items or any command. Many options are configurable in config.yml.


    Where do the names come from?

    AcuteLoot creates random loot using a simple algorithm that combines prefixes and suffixes together to make fun, interesting, and often humorous names. The prefixes and suffixes included by default are from many sources, including common English adjectives, adverbs, and nouns, as well as the names of mythical folklore creatures/monsters from all over the world. You can add to these name pools, remove from these name pools, or create entirely new name pools. Just imagine the possibilities for creating loot based on your favorite pop culture references, or inside jokes from your server!

    The algorithm uses configurable patterns to define name generators. There are five generator patterns included by default. Generator patterns are combination of name pool tags and any other text, typically spaces and a conjunction.
    • prefixGenerator
      • pattern: "[prefix] [item_name]"
    • suffixGenerator
      • pattern: "[item_name] of [suffix]"
    • prefixSuffixGenerator
      • pattern: "[prefix] [item_name] of [suffix]"
    • fixedGenerator
      • pattern: "[fixed]"
    • kanaGenerator
      • pattern: "[kana](2-5)
    The names that appear for each item type can be customized as well. For example, swords could be called anything you want, like “knife”, “stabber”, or “pointy-object.”

    Static (fixed) names that don’t come from the algorithm are also possible, for maximum customization. These are full names that you create entirely on your own. They don’t get anything added or removed from them. Just remember that they are added to the pool of possible names just like ones from the generator, so if you have a lot of possible names, fixed names can be quite rare. By default, most of these lists are empty. You can add your own names in the /names/fixed folder. The generic.txt is for items that are in the materials.txt file and are used when generating totally random loot.

    And finally, there is what’s called the “kana generator” that creates names that sound like Japanese by smashing together katakana syllables. This generator alone has over 3 billion unique names. And if you prefer to not have these names, this generator can be disabled in the config.

    More detailed information about the name generators can be found in the config.yml. The latest version is available here.

    How do the chances for rarities and effects work?

    The chances for rarities and effects are expressed as relative integer values. For example if you had three rarities each with a chance of “5” then each rarity would have a 5/15 = 1/3 chance of being selected. If you instead had one rarity with a chance of “5”, one with a chance of “10”, and one with a chance of “15” then the first rarity would have a 5/30 = 1/6 chance, the second a 10/30 = 1/3 chance, and the third a 15/30 = 1/2 chance. If the sum of the chances is exactly 100 then the chances may be considered simple percent values. Due to the way the generator works, rarities need to be listed in descending chance order (e.g., common to rare). Keep in mind that individual effect chances are relative to the other effects applicable to that type of item.

    Note: Chances for simple, binary events like getting AcuteLoot from chests and fishing ARE simple, predictable percentages, and do not use the relative integer value method.

    How do anvils work?

    Anvil behavior has only been modified to allow for AcuteLoot’s colored item names to persist when an anvil is used. The item on the left takes precedence over the one on the right, so its name, rarity, and effect will be preserved in the new item. There is no stacking of names, rarities or effects.

    Support & feature requests:
    To report a bug or to suggest a new feature, open an issue on GitHub. For bugs, use the bug issue tag. For feature suggestions use the enhancement issue tag.

    For feature suggestions to be considered for future development, include as much information as possible:
    • Detailed description of the new feature, how it is used, and which parts of AcuteLoot it involves (names, effects, rarities, etc.)
    • Detailed outline of proposed config.yml options. Be as precise as possible with the exact format of how the feature would be configured.
    [​IMG] Join our Discord to discuss and suggest features and report bugs if you do not have a GitHub account.

    : AcuteLoot aims to release monthly updates on or around the first of each month. Features planned for the next release are published at the above link under the in progress issue tag. We consider all properly suggested features, but we are unable to meet all requests. You can greatly increase the chances of your feature being included in an upcoming release by including detailed information in your request, and promptly answering any questions from the devs.

    Donation links:
    • BTC: bc1q5mqsfawg2ns2ycy3gf6gnhqa8rzt0rdd7ga50p
    • ETH: 0xE31fc7241886b37b545a4141E5641A1c6972671E
    Please do not use the review section to report issues. I can’t offer support from the review section.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Minecraft_Pundit
    Version: 2.3.1
    This plugin works perfectly right out of the box (which is what I LOVE in my plugins). Depending on your server you may want to replace some words in the plugin folder (for example some boots are called Nikes and my server is medieval -- fear not this is easy to do. 5/5 Author is devoted and has a great resource on his hands. Keep up the innovative RPG plugins and updates man!!

    I really appreciate the fact this author has kept this resource open for the public. I am of the opinion that the number of premium plugins, maps, configs, and models are extremely handicapping the limits to which Minecrafters can push the game without going broke on premiums.

    ~ MC_P.
  2. last2throw
    Version: 2.2.0
    My player and I all love this plugin! Easiest config ever (none needed!) And everyone loves showing off their rarest /coolest named items! You can add your own names too! Who needs elytra with an EnderBow! Heal Villagers with a Love bow! XP boost helms, awesome particle effects, even color coded rarities! This plugin goes so far towards making Minecraft feel more like an RPG, it's fantastic! Been running it since the day after it came out and I can't say enough good things! I have tweaked some settings in the config to better conform to what we wanted specifically, but that's the great thing, you can do that if you need! Dev is super responsive and more than willing to add feature requests to his next regularly scheduled update! Sorry for the rant, but seriously, check this out!
  3. ohfreddie
    Version: 2.1.6
    Dev is massive chad, he is super friendly and the plugin works perfectly! If you can't get the plugin to work it's almost 100% your fault. Super easy and straightforward config and dev listens to and implements suggestions! I'm a total cheapskate but this plugin is so epic I donated 5$! Not a single complaint!
  4. Joexer
    Version: 2.0.10
    Acuteloot is an awesome plugin that adds a lot of depth, even if it seems subtle. My players and I really love it. Author is great too! I honestly mean it when I say I would pay for a plugin like this!
  5. SmallSansSerif
    Version: 2.0.6
    Fun plugin to add some RPG lore to your items. Players love the unique names and the particle effects. Author is responsive. Give this plugin a try on your server.
    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind review!
  6. WhirlyFan
    Version: 2.0.3
    holy crap this is amazing. It such a subtle thing that adds so much more depth to the game. It gives owning more than one set of tools a purpose.
    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      I'm so glad you find it fun!
  7. include.function
    Version: 2.0.0
    good plugin and good updates than loot -thanks 5/5

    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      My pleasure! Thanks. :)
  8. Antrox
    Version: 1.0.9
    Very nice and easy to understand, great dev too, definitely exciting to see the future updates, huge potentional :)
    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind review!
  9. mirone122
    Version: 1.0.7
    Plugin is very good :) but I am missing a feature that I cannot find at any plugin (Refill). Could you add that if I make a chest with a custom loot in it, I can use refill on it and all those items will be refilled over time that is chosen ? It would be great feature :) (I found one plugin that has it but it had name above the chest even though it was supposed to be secret)
    by other words : Awesome plugin missing a refill option ;)
    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! The latest 2.0.0 release includes a command to create refillable chests. :)
  10. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.0.6
    Good plugin. =D
    1. zizmax
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)