AcuteLoot 2.1.14

Custom RPG-style loot and effects with over 15 BILLION unique possibilities

  1. Fix for bug in /al chest

    • Includes a fix for an internal error occurring when running /al chest on a chest that is already an AcuteLoot chest
  2. Name generator API

    • This update exposes AcuteLoot's name generation methods through the API
  3. Fix for regenerating loot

    • This update should fix Issue #21, and prevent loot from regenerating regardless of paper.yml configuration.
  4. Added Elytra as AL material

    • This update adds Elytra as an AcuteLoot material through anvils and /al add
  5. Anvil enhancement

    • AcuteLoot shields created in anvils no longer re-roll every time they are clicked/added into the anvil. The AcuteLoot output remains the same as long as the inputs stay the same.
  6. Adds shield as AcuteLoot material in anvils

    • You can now create AcuteLoot shields using anvils.
  7. Fix for /al add [rarity]

    • Fixes bug causing /al add [rarity] to not fail gracefully on items with unknown AcuteLoot materials.
  8. New /al reroll command to re-roll loot

    • This update adds a new /al reroll command that generates a new name, rarity, and effect for items that are already AcuteLoot
    • Currently supports configurable XP levels cost
    • Make sure to update your config to use the new config options
  9. Internal enhancements

    • This update cleans up and tweaks some of the internal codebase to make it even easier to add new features in the future. Stay tuned!
    • As always, please report any bugs to GitHub here.
  10. Bug fix

    • Fix for bug causing inaccurate warning about out-of-date config.yml