Add Messages when a player sleeps or wake up.Really Fun!!!! 1.1

Includes config.yml and permissions.

  1. PeterXonwiiXx
    What it does?
    - When a player is gonna sleep or wake up he will receive a message,
    - When a player destroys a bed he will receive a message

    How to install?
    - download BedMessages.jar and put it as plugin in your server,restart and it will create a Config.yml.

    - bm.goodnight.cancel
    - bm.goodmorning.cancel
    - bm.bedbreak.cancel
    if player does NOT have permissions then messages will be Disabled.
    OP will Automatic override permission..

    - Config includes:
    - goodnight: '&2Hey Have Good Night!'
    - goodmorning: '&5And Did It Sleep Well?'
    - bedbreak: '&8Hey YOU! &4Dont Break My Bed!'

    The config does works with color codes.
    Colors can be found

    - None atm,if you have a good idea,post down below or pm me!

    Known Bugs:
    - NONE

    Any questions,ask down below here and i do my best,if want anything added,just message down here.


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    they play: BO3 , CS:GO , Runescape , Minecraft , LOL and some more
    Includes OPEN Teamspeak(ip can be found on website)
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