[Add-on] ExpressionsPlus 0.1

Additional expressions for your Skript library

  1. jaylawl
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Additional stuff for your Skripting.

    • Requires:
      • Spigot 1.12.*
    • Soft-depends on:
      • PaperSpigot 1.12.*
        For some expressions

    1. Put the jar in the plugins-folder
    2. Restart the server (observe the console for errors)
    Stuff dependent on PaperSpigot:
    • Skull texture expression
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):


    Line of sight condition
    %entity% (0¦(has[ got]|does have)|1¦does(n't| not) have) line of sight of %entity%
    %entity% (0¦is|1¦is(n't| not)) in %entity%'s line of sight


    Hand swap event
    on swap [hand] item[s]


    Age (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s age
    age of %entity%

    Agelock (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s age[ ]lock
    age[ ]lock of %entity%

    %entity%'s ai
    ai of %entity%

    Armor stand visibility (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s (0¦visibility|1¦arm( |-)visibility|2¦[base( |-)]plate( |-)visibility)
    (0¦visibility|1¦arm( |-)visibility|2¦[base( |-)]plate( |-)visibility) of %entity%

    Break (new line)
    (lb|[line( |-)]br[eak]) #does not work in item-lore

    Item frame display item (ITEM)
    %entity%'s (display[ed]|show[n])( |-)item
    (display[ed]|show[n])( |-)item of %entity%

    Creeper explosion radius (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s explosion (radius|size)
    explosion (radius|size) of %entity%

    Fall distance (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s fall[ing] distance
    fall[ing] distance of %entity%

    Invulnerability (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s invul[nerability][( |-)state]
    invul[nerability][( |-)state] of %entity%

    Item frame item rotation (NUMBER) [0-7]
    %entity%'s [display( |-)]item rotation
    [display( |-)]item rotation of %entity%

    Item pickup (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s item[stack] pickup[( |-)state|ability]
    item[stack] pickup[( |-)state|ability] of %entity%

    Leash holder (PLAYER)
    %entity%'s (leash|lead) holder
    (leash|lead) holder of %entity%

    Armor stand marker state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s marker( |-)(state|value)
    marker( |-)(state|value) of %entity%

    Creeper max fuse ticks (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s max[imum] fuse ticks
    max[imum] fuse ticks of %entity%

    Spawner max nearby entities (NUMBER)
    %block%'s max[imum] (entities nearby|nearby entities)
    max[imum] (entities nearby|nearby entities) of %block%

    Nameplate visibility (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s [custom] name[[ |-](plate|tag)] visibility
    [custom] name[[ |-](plate|tag)] visibility of %entity%

    Persistence state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s persistence( |-)(state|value|ability)
    persistence( |-)(state|value|ability) of %entity%

    Iron golem player created state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s player created (state|value)
    player created (state|value) of %entity%

    Creeper powered state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'S power[ed]( |-)(state|value)
    power[ed]( |-)(state|value) of %entity%

    Current repair cost (NUMBER)
    %player%'s [current ][item( |-)](repair|enchant) cost
    [current ][item( |-)](repair|enchant) cost of %player%

    Spawner required player range (NUMBER)
    %block%'s required [player( |-)]range
    required [player( |-)]range of %block%

    Villager riches (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s riches
    riches of %entity%

    Silence/mute state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s (silence|mute)( |-)(state|value)
    (silence|mute)( |-)(state|value) of %entity%

    Skull texture URL/value (STRING)
    %item%'s [(skin|player)( |-)]texture( |-)(value|url)
    [(skin|player)( |-)]texture( |-)(value|url) of %item%

    Slime size (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s [slime( |-)]size
    [slime( |-)]size of %entity%

    Armor stand size (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s small[ness]( |-)(state|value)
    small[ness]( |-)(state|value) of %entity%

    Spawner spawn count (NUMBER)
    %block%'s [entity( |-)]spawn count
    [entity( |-)]spawn count of %block%

    Spawner current/min/max delay (NUMBER)
    %block%'s (0¦current|1¦min[imum]|2¦max[imum]) [spawn( |-)](delay|cooldown)
    (0¦current|1¦min[imum]|2¦max[imum]) [spawn( |-)](delay|cooldown) of %block%

    Spawner spawn range (NUMBER)
    %block%'s [entity( |-)]spawn range
    [entity( |-)]spawn range of %block%

    Primed TNT fuse ticks (NUMBER)
    %entity%'s [remaining( |-)]fuse ticks
    [remaining( |-)]fuse ticks of %entity%

    Villager trader/customer (PLAYER)
    %entity%'s [current ](trader|customer)
    [current ](trader|customer) of %entity%

    UUID's most/least (STRING)
    %string%'s (0¦most|1¦least)[ significant][ bits]
    (0¦most|1¦least)[ significant][ bits] of %string%

    UUID from most & least (STRING)
    uuid (from|with) %number% (and[ with]|to) %number%

    Random UUID (STRING)
    [a ][new ]random uuid

    Wolf anger state (BOOLEAN)
    %entity%'s ang(er|ry) (state|value)
    ang(er|ry) (state|value) of %entity%

    To do

    Good stuff?
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  1. DankPrison
    Version: 0.1
    Thank you. There is a few expressions I've been looking for a while that are not available in other addons like "on swap hand". Great additions Thanks.
    1. jaylawl
      Author's Response
      Exactly the purpose of this add-on, thank you