[Add-on] jNBT 0.3.2

Provides NBT usages within Skript

  1. jaylawl
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    jNBT allows you to read and modify the NBT data of all entities, items and tile-entities.
    This is the product of hours of trying to figure out how to get this stuff to work correctly and reading through example code. Yet, it doesn't offer as much depth as SkStuff does - however i do intend to upgrade this.

    • Requires:
      • Spigot 1.12.*

    1. Put the jar in the plugins-folder
    2. Restart the server (observe the console for errors)
    Incompatible with
    • SkStuff
      You can make it compatible with SkStuff by specifying "item-nbt", "block-nbt" & "entity-nbt" as opposed to using plain "nbt"
      Definitly gonna have issues if you run both
    Entity NBT

    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    %entity%'s [entity-]nbt
    [entity-]nbt of %entity%
    • get
    • add
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    add "{NoAI:true}" to last spawned entity's nbt
    add "{Silent:1b}" to player's targeted entity's nbt
    add "{Something:something}" to entity-nbt of event-entity
    broadcast "%last spawned entity's nbt%"
    Item NBT
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    %item%'s [item-]nbt
    [item-]nbt of %item%
    • get
    • add
    • remove (work in progress)
    • set
    • delete
    • reset
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    send "%{_player}'s tool's item-nbt%" to all players
    broadcast "%nbt of event-player's helmet%"
    add "{SomeTag:1234}" to player's tool's item-nbt
    reset event-player's helmet's nbt
    set nbt of command sender's chestplate to "{Yes:false,No:true}"
    Block NBT (Tile entities)
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    %block%'s [block-]nbt
    [block-]nbt of %block%

    • add
    • get
    • set (kinda useless)
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    add "{RequiredPlayerRange:0s}" to targeted block's nbt
    add "{SpawnData:{id:""minecraft:wither""}}" to nbt of clicked block
    broadcast "%event-block's nbt%"
    Joined NBT
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    joined nbt[( |-)string] from %string% and %string%
    Joins two different NBTs together. The latter value will overwrite conflicting values between the two.

    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    set {_ex} to joined nbt from "{Test:false,Whatever:123}" and "{Something:something,Test:true}"
    # {_ex} = "{Test:true,Whatever:123,Something:something}"
    Tag %string% of NBT
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    tag %string% of %string%
    Returns the value of the specified tag of the specified NBT

    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):

    set {_tag} to tag "Invulnerable" of targeted entity's nbt

    To do
    • Support MC 1.13
      • This might take some time
      • If you want compability for 1.11 or earlier, use SkStuff
      • There are no plans to create backwards compability
    • Add more in-depth NBT editing capabilities
    • Find a way to add NBT to items without having to create a new one completed!
    • Make it compatible with SkStuff maybe (it kinda is already)
    • Drink lots of coffee
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Recent Reviews

  1. JacobNightCore
    Version: 0.3.2
    This addon is unusable on cubed craft, it seems like a great addon though. I wish I could try this.
    1. jaylawl
      Author's Response
      it will only work on spigot 1.12 and i dont know what cubedcraft is. most importantly this addon is outdated and no longer developed (since 1.12).
      i recommend either switching to Sk-NBeeT (which forked jNBT) or using skript-mirror / skript-reflect
  2. ilsubyeega
    Version: 0.3.2
    Good Addon. Using This Addon was used on some servers. forgoted to rate this, great work and keep it