Additions | Free version | Menus, items, commands & more | 1.8x - 1.14x 2.9.0

The all in one plugin with custom commands, menus, items, scoreboards, tablists, actions and more!

  1. 1.15 support

    This is NOT a big update, and this plugin version will NOT receive any future big updates/new features. We continued this plugin as AdditionsPlus at this page for a price of €6.99.
    Make sure to check it out!

    1.15 support
  2. Small file changes

    Hey everyone,

    Note that this version doesn't add any new features, doesn't fix anything or something related to that.
    This update only changes a small file change for the intervalactions.yml file as there were a lot of inconveniences. We changed the default messages so that it's clear where to change the messages and we also increased the default interval time to 1200 (1 minute).

    If you want new features, make sure to download the premium...
  3. Fixes

    It seemed like I accidentally uploaded the wrong file in the previous update. I will remove the 2.8.1 version from the version history.

    a 1.14 bug where you could grab items out of menus. This was because some API methods of Bukkit were removed in 1.14.
    Added a slot option for custom items. By adding it, you can set the item's slot.
  4. Small fixes

    Fixed a typo in an event which removed a feature
  5. BIG UPDATE | Custom Items | HeadDatabase support | Fixes

    Hey everyone! This pretty much is a big update. We have completely recoded the Menu system to make it more customizable, we've added custom items with additional options and we added support for the HeadDatabase plugin. All changes are below.

    Added custom items. You can now create custom items in the customitems.yml file. An example of an item is included in the plugin.
    Added a new action: [citem] to give custom items to players.
    Added a command to receive...
  6. Menu Update + Fixes

    Added menu open and close actions. All actions in the openActions and closeActions list will be performed when they open/close the menu.
    Added menu cooldowns. This works exactly the same as the command cooldowns.
    Added a new action: [sound]. Which allows you to play a sound for a player.
    Added new charts to bStats.
    Fixed a bug regarding the items in the menus.

    * Download the latest version of PlaceholderAPI in order to let the...
  7. Fixes

    Fixed a bug regarding the items for the menus.
  8. 1.14 Fixes

    Fixed a startup error for 1.14. There was a problem with the Schedulers of the Bukkit API.
  9. 1.14 Support + New Actions + New Features

    Added support for 1.14.
    Added a new action: [permission]. This is an if action; if you don't have the specified permission, the action will not be done.
    Example: '[msg][permission="myperm.msg"]&cIf you receive this message, you have the permission &omyperm.msg'
    Added a new action: [vgroup]. This is an if action and requires Vault to work. If you aren't a member of the specified group, the action will not be done.
    Example: '[msg][vgroup="donator"]&dYou are a...
  10. Major Bug Fixes + New Features

    Added per-player scoreboard toggle. Players can now toggle their scoreboard by using /additions togglescoreboard. The permission "additions.command.togglescoreboard" is required in order to run the command.
    Added support for the custom command in the [command] action. This wasn't working before because the custom Additions commands weren't real commands so they wouldn't get recognized as a valid command.
    Fixed the fishing event. It threw an error when you...
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