Some additions to your Minecraft Server

  1. Creeper_Dark
    Additions_logo.png Additions


    /additions --- reloads additions plugin
    /savefiles --- save the data file
    /prefix --- add a prefix to a player's name
    /inv --- look inside and edit a player's inventory
    /toggle --- toggle several things in the data file
    /resetdata --- reset the data of a player
    /checkdata --- check if player has everything in its folder
    /diff --- shorter then /difficulty

    - if a player enters a bed the server will announce that
    - player get's a speed boost when sprinting if set to 'true' in data file
    - player becomes invisible when sneaking if set to 'true' in data file
    - player can break/place bedrock if set to 'true' in data file
    - player death count in data file
    - player can have a custom prefix set by an operator

    This plugin is made by Creeper_Dark.
    suggestions are welcome.
    If there are any bugs please tell me I will fix them as soon as I can