[Addon] BetterHud - Now without any limitations! 2.2-b04

Create unique Minecraft Hud with this ItemsAdder addon!

  1. 2.2-b01 - Complete rewrite!

    banner-update.png Hi, it's been a while! :D

    I'm finally back after little break. I was working on something huge, last few weeks! Today is the Day D. Finally, I'm realeasing the first beta version of rewrited BetterHud.

    Why rewrite?
    This resource was my first bigger project and I was still learning Java. Now, I think I'm more experienced and determined to create something like this in more professional way.

    What's new?
    Everything! I've created this version from a scratch, so everything is new.

    There is a list of most important news:
    - Now without any limitations (unlimited huds, unlimited expressions, etc..)
    - Editor mode
    - Wiki
    - Displaying custom texts
    - Stable display system
    - Optimised error messages
    - New support system through the discord server

    This version is beta release, please report any kind of bug!

    How to update?
    Check this tutorial!

    button-support.png button-wiki.png
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