[Addon] BetterHud - Now without any limitations! 2.2-b04

Create unique Minecraft Hud with this ItemsAdder addon!

  1. 2.2-b04 - Colors, alingments, GUIs, Placeholders and etc..

    Improvement | Improved util class for File handling
    Improvement | Edited error messages, improved error system
    Improvement | Added more examples to default config
    Fix | Fixed issues with Optifine
    Fix | Fixed custom toggle commands
    New | Added debug mode
    New | Added error log
    New | Added support for GUIs
    New | Added ability to show hud using placeholders (Eg.: %betterhud_exampleHud%)
    New | From now you can reload only configuration without ItemsAdder reload using /bh reload config
    New | Added option "show-vanilla-hud" to config.yml
    New | Added align for hud parts (left, right)
    New | Added support for color codes! &x or {#xxxxxx}
    New | Added command /bh report-bug
    New | Added automatic config updaterNew | Added characters ",.-" to INTEGER hud part
    New | Added automatic config updater
    New | Added plugin update notifications

    Note: Due to huge amount of new things, this version can contains some bugs! Please, report them via discord. Thanks! <3
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