[Addon] BetterHud - Now without any limitations! 2.2-b04

Create unique Minecraft Hud with this ItemsAdder addon!

  1. 2.2-b04 - Colors, alingments, GUIs, Placeholders and etc..

    Improvement | Improved util class for File handling
    Improvement | Edited error messages, improved error system
    Improvement | Added more examples to default config
    Fix | Fixed issues with Optifine
    Fix | Fixed custom toggle commands
    New | Added debug mode
    New | Added error log
    New | Added support for GUIs...
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  2. 2.2-b03 - Fixed issues with Windows

    Fixed issues with exporting resources on Windows
    Fixed texture distortion (Big Thanks to @LoneDev )

    Note: Plugin should update all the textures automatically
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  3. 2.2-b02 - Added some examples into config

    Added more examples to config.yml
    Fixed wrong default configuration
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  4. 2.2-b01 - Complete rewrite!

    banner-update.png Hi, it's been a while! :D

    I'm finally back after little break. I was working on something huge, last few weeks! Today is the Day D. Finally, I'm realeasing the first beta version of rewrited BetterHud.

    Why rewrite?
    This resource was my first bigger project and I was still learning Java. Now, I think I'm more experienced and determined to create something like this in more professional way.

    What's new?
    Everything! I've created this version from a...
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  5. - 1.16.4 SUPPORT

    Sorry for being inactive last few months, but it was really crazy time for me. But I'm back and ready to fix this plugin xd

    This version adds only 1.16.4 support, nothing more.

    This version is not tested enough, so I recommend to wait for the next update - during next week.
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  6. BetterHud 2.0 - FULLY RECODED

    • Major performance improvements
    • Added Underwater hud
    • Added BossBar display option (now its default display type)
    • Added PlaceholderAPI support - You can now display custom stats via placeholders!!
    • Now you can display up to 4 digit numbers! Basically, the maximum value of the displayed number can be 9 999
    • New command: /bh debug - If you are having issues, just run this command and send me a screenshot of...
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    Fixed bug with corrupted NBT file.

    How to update:
    1. Replace file items_packs/betterhud/better_hud.yml with the new one
    2. Run command /iazip