[Addon] DonateCraft - Discord Bot Integration Generation 3

An Addon for DC that allows creation of Redeem codes remotely from your discord.

  1. Gober
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    This is an addon for my plugin DonateCraft.
    If you do not have that plugin on your server this won't work.

    Don't let that confuse you, this is simply an independent plugin that runs a bot.

    Setup & Installation:
    1. Make sure you setup the socket server on the server with DonateCraft and make sure the socket server is operating properly.

    2. Place this plugin on any server, let's name that server, Bot.

    3. Stop the Bot server.

    4. Create a bot application here.

    5. Make sure your bot is a bot by going to the Bot section in your Application and turning it on.

    6. Copy the Token of your bot and place it in the bot_token part of DonateCraftBot's config.yml & save the config.yml

    7. On your Discord Server create a new Role called "Store Manager" as the config.yml's role_name described and assign the person (like you) that role.

    8. Create a private channel to manage DonateCraft and never delete that channel.

    9. So you got your Bot Token up, your roles up, your application in your server, all you gotta do now is restart the server with the bot.

    10. Invite your bot to the server with this link:

    Replace the field <Bot_Client_ID> with your discord bot Client ID which is located in the General Information Tab.

    So it would look like something like this:

    11. Server restarted? Bot invited? Now do this to setup the servers:

    You got everything up, now you gotta setup the data.

    Let us say I have a server called "Survival" with the ip of
    you can ignore the :25565 as we will be using only the port.

    In that server, I have DonateCraft running and the socket server is running. Just for an example, my socket server is running at:

    but if my socket server's ip is then I would use the numeric ip which is

    What I wanna do now is to use the command:
    -dc setup <Name> <IP> <socket Port>
    it will ask me the name of my server, I can name it whatever I want:
    Let's do:
    -dc setup survival [B] 8192[/B]

    It will prompt me to get the public.key. To get them I'll go to my DonateCraft's plugin folder and go to the RSA folder.
    which is in DonateCraft/rsa/public.key
    Open it and paste that in the discord.

    Now if it is working, test it with
    -dc createcode <Name> <Amount> (Code)
    As you can see, the code is optional, leave it blank to randomize the code.

    I would do
    -dc createcode Survival 5000
    And that would create me a random redeem code that worths 5000 coins.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me on discord:

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  1. ADIP1598
    Version: Generation 3
    The add-on make managing donation so much simpler! Just a few bot commands at Discord and now good to go!
    1. Gober
      Author's Response
      Thank you my man <3