[Addon] TurtleIf 1.2

Simply conditional statement for turtleScript

  1. Dootie
    Add conditional statements to turtleScripts.

    How to use it:
    if <comparation> <command>;

    How works the comparations:
    <object> <operand> <object>

    Avaiable operands:
    == Is the same
    != Is different
    < Is smaller than...
    > Is bigger than...
    <= Is smaller or equal than...
    >=Is bigger or equal than...

    Example code to test it:
    Code (Text):
    if %block down type% == GRASS print I have a grass block below.;
    if 1 < 2 print The 1 is smaller than 2.;
    if %block down type% == AIR print I don't have a block below.;


    • Add conditional statements to turtleScript.

    • USE The discussion section to report bugs or comment your ideas.
    • DON'T USE The review to report bugs or comment your ideas.

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