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  1. Introducing Umbaska 1.5.1! Finally! It's out of beta!

    Introducing Umbaska 1.5.1! Finally! It's out of BETA!
    Since the change log would be so long, I can't be bothered adding everything. But I've listed the major points below;
    • Support for 1.8 and 1.8.7. If you use any 1.7 version, no proper support will be provided, whatsoever. //Just let 1.7 die please. <3//
    • Lots of replacements for stuff that broke. For example, Particles, Trailing, etc.
    • File management (create, read, write, delete & copy)
    • Everything from GattSk, SkSpigotAdditions, and SkExtras that may have not been added before.
    • Entity stuff
    • Noteblock stuff that doesn't work properly
    • Scoreboards
    • Armour stands
    • Worlds
    • YAML/YML
    • Books
    • Some JSON thing
    • Amazing file management stuff (read & write with lines)
    • Clips PlaceholderAPI support
    • Debug Info option in config. If enabled, will log when effects, expressions etc. is registered. Use this if something isn't enabled properly.

    Please check SkUnity for the full list: http://www.skunity.com/search?search=Umbaska 1.5

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