AddonForSkillAPI 1.2

Useful features for SkillAPI users!

  1. Include packet wrapper

    Added packet wrapper classes to jar
    (WrapperPlayServerSpawnEntityLiving, WrapperPlayServerEntityDestroy)
  2. changeClassKeepLevel on console

    you can use changeClassKeepLevel command on console now
  3. new command changeClassKeepLevel and small 1.13 fix

    New admin command:
    changeClassKeepLevel <player> <new class>
    resets a players class, automaticly professes them to new class and gives them level according to their old level

    Also this update should fix hologram spawn errors 1.13
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  4. New features and removed the features added to SkillAPI

    - Added skill cast fail sound effect
    - Added an option to make holograms vanilla or packet
    - Added an option to make different icons for different damage classifiers
    - Removed features that was added to SkillAPI
  5. Packets & animation & cleaning

    - Holograms are now packets!
    NOTE: You need ProticolLib and PacketWrapper
    Only the player who attacked can see the hologram

    - New feature: animation for holograms

    - Removed these because they are in SkillAPI now:
    friendly groups
    protected regions
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  6. small feature - chat suffix

    Added config option to edit suffix
  7. fix drinking removes all potions

    -if you have multiple of the same potion, they all go away
  8. hotfix for potions

    fix potion doesnt get removed on use
  9. Drink potion to use skills & ChatPrefix improvement

    - New config option "ChatPrefix.tablist". When true adds prefix to tablist names
    - New feature potion skills. If you have PotionSkill.split: ' level ' (see spaces at start and end) in config. When you drink a potion named MySkill level 4 you will use "MySkill" as level 4 and lose the potion.
    - chat prefix doesnt change display names of players. Using chatformat as it should be
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  10. hotfix

    - fixed default config typo

    NOTE: I cant play sound when a skill is failed to cast because of mana or cooldown :/ its not possible with SkillAPI's api. So this sound will only play when skill is failed to cast because of ProtectedRegions. :/