AdHalter 0.9

Block all advertisers!

  1. joehot200
    Please note that this plugin is in beta/in progress, and there are some bugs.

    This plugin is the ultimate heavyweight ad blocking plugin. It goes through every substring of a message and checks if it is an advert. It uses a lot of async threads (probably over 50 or 100 depending on message length).

    Because of the intensive checking, messages take about 1 second to come through after being sent.

    This is designed as the ultimate HeavyWeight anti advertising which will block virtually anything (This blocks command advertising too). It is designed to do the best job that it can instead of having a high performance.

    The following messages would be detected as advertising:
    "Endcraft . net"
    "Endcraft , net"
    "!!Endcraft , net!!"
    "Endcraft - net"
    "End Craft . net"
    "p l a y . m c - s g . o r g"
    Anything else that resolves to a valid server.

    The following would not be blocked (yet):

    Fix message cutting off, messages above 65 characters are cut off because otherwise it makes too many threads and crashes the server.
    Fix things like "Endcraft(dot)net".
    A config (Not sure what there is to configure, actually).

Recent Reviews

  1. AdAMJR
    Version: 0.9
    Installs a Potentially Unwanted Plugin called "AntiHack" that disables your essential commands. Please update and remove this file.
  2. Trenz001
    Version: 0.9
    Would be good if you block all messages that contains .net .com .org play.
    mc. .biz .pl .us .uk .ph .hopto and many many more :)
  3. Devacharan
    Version: 0.9
    Good ways to detect many ways of advertising keep it up!