!]-[! Admin Menu !]-[! Beta 1.0v

This is a convenient tool for admins to use as a simpler alternative to commands.

  1. ChristmasBear
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Use /adminmenu or /am to open the menu. In order to access it, the player must have the permission "Admin". Once opened, there will be 3 options. The first one is the gamemode selector. This allows admins to change their gamemode quickly. The next option is the reports section. Players with the permission "Report" can access the /report [player] [reason] command and once done, the report will be added to the report section. The display name of the report is the suspect, the first lore is the reason and the second lore is the person who reported. If the admin left clicks the report, they will teleport to the player. If they right click, it will delete the report. The final option is the vanish option. This works in conjunction with the vanish plugin and is not included in the admin menu plugin because of overlap issues that may happen. As long as the player is able to do /v, it will work, toggling on and off. Another suggestion is for admins who are using auto-text in badlion or lunar can set a keybind to /am. I have already simplified the command. However, for full effect, using auto-text for the menu is recommended. Thanks.

    - ChristmasBear