Admin Mode fixed code.

Provides an Admin mode for administering and watching over players.

  1. TheGoldBacon
    • /Admin - This allows you to go into admin Mode.
    • /atp - Allows teleporting to players while in admin mode. Must be in admin mode to use.
    • admin.admin - Allows the use of admin mode
    • - Allows the use of TPing to players while in admin mode.

    Why should I use this? What does it do?

    This plugin is useful for moderation. Without giving moderators/helpers access to teleport all the time, they can only teleport while in admin mode.

    What happens in admin mode?
    • Player gets an infinite invisibility potion( I'll explain this later)
    • Able to teleport to players
    • When a player hits the person in admin mode, it alerts the moderator/admin in admin mode who hit them. (can be used to find Forcefield hacks, and aura hacks, this is why invis pot is used, rather than vanish).
    • Player is set into fly mode, so they can fly around.
    • if the admin TP's to someone while in admin mode, they will be teleported back to their initial location when they leave admin mode.
    • If someone logs out in Admin mode, when they log back in they will be forced out when the login again.
    How can this be abused?
    Well, it can be abused in a few ways as of right now. During admin mode, they can teleport to a player and get their coords for a base, (really no workaround on this at this time), I am currently looking into a fix for this.

    Upcoming Features/Updates.
    • Adding Combat Tagging support
    • Fake Coordinate system via ProtocolLib.
    Found a Bug?
    Shoot me a PM on here, with the following format
    Code (Text):
    Plugin Version:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Flanders
    Version: fixed code.
    Please hide the admin player and dont work with potion effects! Its a verry Nice Plugin but i can see the particles of The admin who is vanish
  2. FlippoVH
    Version: 1.0
    Good work!