admin-su 1.1.1

A small plugin for toggleable admin permissions.

  1. eth-p
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
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    A small plugin for toggling admin permissions (like cheats). This plugin is great for when you want to play on your survival server without bypassing teleportation limits and command restrictions.

    • Java: 8+
    • Bukkit: 1.14+
    • LuckPerms is highly recommended.


    The admin-su plugin is intended to be used with the LuckPerms permission plugin, and it provides an extra su=true context for when players are in admin mode. This allows for highly flexible configurations that don't differentiate between admins and players, unless admin cheats are needed for moderation purposes.

    If an unsupported permissions plugin is being used (anything that isn't LuckPerms), this plugin will instead toggle the player's /op status on and off.

    Other features:
    • PlaceholderAPI support.
    • Completely configurable messages.yml file.


    /su toggle
    Alias: /su
    Permission: adminsu.toggle

    Toggles between admin and player mode.

    /su enable
    Alias: /su on
    Permission: adminsu.toggle

    Turns on admin mode.

    /su disable
    Alias: /su off
    Permission: adminsu.toggle

    Turns off admin mode.

    /su check
    Permission: adminsu.check
    Checks the current admin status of another player.

    /su reload
    Permission: adminsu.reload
    Reloads the localization messages.


    Permissions need to be explicitly given to players through LuckPerms.
    By default, ops will not have permission to /su toggle.

    Permission -- Description
    adminsu.toggle -- Gives access to /su toggle, /su on, and /su off.
    adminsu.check -- Gives access to /su check <player>.
    adminsu.check.broadcast -- Receive a message whenever another player enters admin mode. Type /su to get a response back.
    adminsu.reload -- Gives access to /su reload


    Placeholder -- Values -- Description
    %adminsu_enabled% -- true/false -- Whether or not the player is in admin mode.
    %adminsu_capable% -- true/false -- Whether or not the player has perms for admin mode.
    %adminsu_text% -- (CUSTOMIZABLE) -- The player's current admin mode text.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1.1: Small Fixes