Admin-Tools-And-Player-use (No Longer Being Updated Due to new Api in 1.9 1.8.9

This is a new version of W-WB but with a little better coding

  1. Countryrose12
    Admin-Tools-And-Player-use (The Plugin update that is on isn't working for spigot as of yet but works for bukkit idk why but it will be fixed soon)
    Please note the things that have been added to this will be in Red so that you guys know those are updates to the new people on these forums
    This plugin will be Updated Slowly To make Sure All BUGS are fixed please note we do not Support older versions any more due to a few changes so we ask you to download the latest version. Color Codes Will be Fixed in one of the updates

    • Admin-Tools-Player-Use Info
    To people who are using the old Version->Warning please use the new update the Old update will no Longer be Supported to older version bugs/glitches


    French <- Coming Soon once i get permission from a Coding Company to help Convert it to French.

    Commands: <- May be Changed over time
    • /welcome - Opens the Administrator GUI to easily access administrative commands
      • /welcome help - Display the help menu for Admin-Tools-Player-Use
      • /welcome reload - Reload the configuration file
      • /welcome version - Show the current version installed on your server
    • /hidelogins - Hides all login messages. None will be seen. This is available from the console as well
    • /playerinfo [player] - Get your own, or another player's server information (View plans for information)
    • /hardmute <player> - Mute another player to deny them from being able to speak
    • welcome.admin - Allow access to the /welcome command. Default: OP
    • welcome.hidelogins - Allow access to the /hidelogins command. Default: OP
    • welcome.playerinfo.self - Allow access to view one's own player information. Default: All players
    • welcome.playerinfo.other - Allow access to view another players information. Default: All players
    • welcome.hardmute - Allow access to the /hardmute command, and view muted player chat. Default: OP
    • welcome.reload - Allow access to the /welcome reload sub-command. Default: OP
    • ServerName: String value. Whatever is set in this config option, will display before the Join and Quit messages. Default, "null"
    • JoinMessage: String value. Set the join message of a player. Use "{Player}" to specify the name of the player. Default, "{Player} joined the game"
    • QuitMessage: String value. Set the quit message of a player. Use "{Player}" to specify the name of the palyer. Default, "{Player} left the game"
    • JoinSound: Boolean value. If true, a sound will be played to all players on the server when a player joins. Default to true
    Currently Admin-Tools-PLayer-Use is a welcoming and a welcome back plug-in! But will soon be keeping track of players balance, kills, deaths, and probably bans as with Mutes so that staff can keep track of their bans and mutes.

    • As of version 1.5.6 and up, Admin-Tools-Player-Use will optionally hook into the plugin known as Vault (which can be found at This is optional, and is not mandatory for this plugin to function, however it will grant a few extra features. As of now, having vault (and an economy plugin) installed will display an icon in the /playerinfo GUI to show the players balance. Future plans may be added later such as permission and rank references. No promises. Again, Vault is optional, but recommended if you want to link an economy plugin into our plugin <- Note you only need Vault to run this plugin.
    Admin-Tools-PLayer-Use is a basic Welcoming and a welcome back plug-in, And lets players check each others info on kills, deaths, and balances. It will show if their online or not online but if the player is offline it will only show the Offline item in the Gui so that players can't get any info if the player is offline.

    If you are running a hub server and want to use this plugin, feel free to ask one of the members of this plugin to assist you! Please note I am still working on the BungeeCord Version of this.

    Planned Updates:
    • Add Admin Custom Gui that will be able to work with people that have op permission! this will be able to make it easy for those admins all they have to do is use the clock and click on the players head and then you can click on the lava to ban or the bedrock to kick the Player from the server, And The leather is for muting them
    • Add a /hardban command which will be different from Minecraft's /ban command
    Don't Panic if you get a bug, our team is here to help you fix it. Please submit a ticket in our ticket repository. If your assigned Plugin-Member asks you for the config, please comply in order for them to see if it has a syntax error. Please do not post your bug in the comment section of this plugin. The comment section is for generic chat about this plugin

    Test Server:
    Coming Soon!

    Servers using

    Leave a comment with your servers ip address so we can add it to the list. Players can test it out on your servers before downloading the plugin for themselves. We will try to have a server to test it out but please note that the test server will not be 24/7!

Recent Updates

  1. Couple of bug fixes