AdminClick 1.0

Full control over your players in one click.

  1. DrPiggy
    Well, due to a plugin request by someone named "Skrubzy", I made this plugin!
    Shift + Right Clicking a player or using the /ac [player] command, will open up a GUI that allow you to pretty much control everything about him.
    If you have any suggestion, or things to add please tell me!
    Everything is pretty self expliantory except that using the MIDDLE mouse button on the day/night items, will open up a gui with more options.
    I will fix bugs and update this regulary so feel free to ask me anything from bugs to help!

    The plugin is highly customizable: You can edit the item icons and the names in the config!
    ~IMPORTANT~ For the nether and end teleport function to work, you must specify the nether and end world names in the config.

    - adminclick.use - Use the plugin.
    - adminclick.* - Gives all adminclick permissions.


    How To Install:
    1. Download the JAR.
    2. Place it in the plugins folder.
    3. Reload the server.
    4. (OPTIONAL): Edit the config.yml located at /plugins/AdminClick/ And reload the server again.

    Terms Of Service:
    - You may not sell this resource.
    - You may not distribute this resource.
    - You may not claim this is yours.