AdminControl - Server Remote Control 1.5

A Plugin & Desktop Application for managing your Server

  1. DavidStyler10

    General - What is AdminControl?

    AdminControl is a standalone desktop application that helps you to manage your Minecraft Server. If you install AdminControl on your Spigot/Bukkit Server, the applicaion can connect to it.


    - Server Manager for handling multiple Servers at one time

    - Server Log viewer with Colors (errors red, Join messages green etc.) and some other functions like exporting the log or searching for keywords.

    - Send Server Console commands to the Server
    - Send Shell Commands to the Server (experimental)

    - View Playerlist (Automatic Refresh on Player leave/join)
    - Kick/Ban Players
    - Teleport Players
    - Change Players gamemode
    - Kill players
    - Send a message to a player

    - Shutdown the Server
    - Reload the Server
    - View Server Information
    - Enable the whitelist
    - Kick all players (Exempt permission: AdminControl.kickall.exempt)
    - Broadcast a message

    ... more to come!

    Servers Using AdminControl:

    - CriminalCraft (

    Send me your Servername and IP to be listed!

    How to install:

    1. Download the .jar File
    2. Put it in your plugins folder
    3. Reload / Restart the Server
    4. Edit the Configuration (see below)
    5. Reload / Restart the Server again
    6. Doubleklick the Jar File to start it
    7. Klick "Add" and enter the configurated server parameters
    8. Klick on the Server and press "Connect"
    9. The Application is ready to use

    Plugin Configuration:

    password: 556hg2j5c7 <- Enter a server password here
    port: 44550 <- Enter a port on which the application listens for clients
    ipaddress: 12.345.678.910 <- Enter or correct the Server IP

    The Configuration will automaticly generate if you load the Plugin for the first time.
    The ip address might be wrong on the config creation. If this happens, just put in the right address.

    Screenshots (Desktop Application):
    The Server Manager

    The Console Panel

    The Player Panel

    The Server Panel


    Please send me any bug you find via PM or in the resource thread!

    I created this Plugin in my freetime and i am offering it for free. If you want you can donate below!

    AdminControl is collecting anonymus information and exception stacktrace.


Recent Reviews

  1. Nagymiszter
    Version: 1.5
    Awesome stuff, but there's a little problem, it doesn't show the log for me. So yeah, I'm looking forward to any future updates/fixes.
  2. eXpresS
    Version: 1.5
    Can u please update version of this plugin ? but when I will add a server its doesnt do anything.
  3. Avalion
    Version: 1.5
    Kill the processor when logout the session.... I dont know why, my processor is i7k, and work 20%, without users.
  4. Warking2011
    Version: 1.5
    If there shows the playerlist with players and the Server information list with server information, Im ready to give you 5 stars, pls fix that.. It's very great Plugin!
  5. Jonathan_01
    Version: 1.5
    I give this Plugin 5 Stars because it's very amazing.

    Can you please add a bungeecord module?
  6. iCleanUpNow4Mac
    Version: 1.5
    I give this plugin 3 stars because... When you change a player game mode it just glitches. It puts you in survival but you still have access to the creative inventory. And the stop the server button does not stop the server.
  7. MonsterZockerHD
    Version: 1.5
    Doesn't work! When i start the Programm and give them IP, Port, Password and Name and klick on Add then nothing happens! Please fix that!
  8. skarm54
    Version: 1.5
    Super plug-in Mais comme tu en projet de Pouvoir l'integrer sur un site ? vu que je te suis en galère pour mon site et ton plug-in Peux me aider
  9. Thijscream
    Version: 1.5
    I don't know if this is a bug but when i login no info is showed, the console is not working and i can't reload the server. Please help as fast as possible!
  10. SpatiumPrinceps
    Version: 1.5
    Just awesome! Was looking for a easy solution to provide a console to someone not so familiar with Linux, and thats exactly what this plugin delivered :)
    Awesome work, seems to be bugfree! Congrats!