AdminEye v0.1.1_ALPHA

Easy and powerful server administrating plugin.

  1. Steffion

    AdminEye is a fully functional server administration plugin that will let you have complete control over your server. AdminEye is designed to have control over your admins to make sure they are not abusing their powers.
    AdminEye comes with a range of features that you would normally find in a server administration plugin but with a lot of cool and new features.
    Download AdminEye to
    day to have complete control over everyone on your server!



    • Broadcasts a message when an admin issues a command.
    • Contains only the commands you really need.
    • Fast and easy to set-up.
    • Fully customisable!
    • /admineye [info|i]
      • Displays the plugin's info.
      • Permission: (default enabled on everyone).
    • /admineye <help|h> [page number]
      • Shows a list of commands.
      • Permission: (default enabled on everyone).
    • /admineye <reload|r>
      • Reloads all configs.
      • Permission: admineye.reload
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /ban <player name> <time> [reason]
      • Bans a player.
      • Permission: admineye.ban
      • Headpermission: admineye.admin
    • /bring <player name>
      • Teleports a player or players to you.
      • Permission: admineye.bring
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /deop <player name>
      • DeOPs a player.
      • Permission: admineye.deop
      • Headpermission: None, you must be OP or console.
    • /hunger <player name> [amount]
      • Sets a players hunger.
      • Permission: admineye.hunger
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /fly <player name>
      • Makes a player able to fly.
      • Permission:
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /freeze <player name>
      • Prevents a player from moving.
      • Permission: admineye.freeze
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /gamemode <player name> <gamemode>
      • Sets a players game mode.
      • Permission: admineye.gamemode
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /goto <player name>
      • Teleports the sender to a player.
      • Permission: admineye.goto
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /hp <player name> [amount]
      • Sets a players health.
      • Permission: admineye.hp
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /kick <player name> <reason>
      • Kicks a player.
      • Permission: admineye.kick
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /mute <player name> [time]
      • Prevents a player from chatting.
      • Permission: admineye.mute
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /op <player name>
      • OPs a player.
      • Permission: admineye.op
      • Headpermission: None, you must be OP or console.
    • /slap <player name>
      • Slaps a player into the air.
      • Permission: admineye.slap
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /unfreeze <player name>
      • Lets a player move again.
      • Permission: admineye.unfreeze
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /unmute <player name>
      • Unmutes a player.
      • Permission: admineye.unmute
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator
    • /votekick <player name> <reason>
      • Votekicks a player.
      • Permission: admineye.votekick
      • Headpermission: admineye.moderator

    If you would like to show your support to AdminEye, then please be sure to donate to AdminEye. It will give the developers the encouragement to keep on producing further updates for AdminEye. Leave your server IP behind and maybe we will come have a look!

    Donate in $'s.

    No servers have donated yet ;(!​


    Screenshot 2014-02-17 09.37.45.png Screenshot 2014-02-17 09.39.46.png Screenshot 2014-02-17 09.41.24.png

    AdminEye will be updated to every possible build that is released by Spigot. However, with new API updates comes new bugs. If you spot a bug, then please use our ticket system on Github to report these bugs so we can fix them. More information can be found on Github about posting issues.

    If you have a suggestion that you think could benefit AdminEye, the please post is as an issue on Github. More information can be found on Github about posting suggestions.

    Thank you for using AdminEye, it took us a while to make this plugin so we hope that you benefit with this plugin. Be sure to donate if you want to show your support. Thank you – Steffion, RandomPanda30.

    Please review the plugin! Thanks!
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    Version: v0.1.1_ALPHA
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!