AdminMode++ 1.0

A better solution for breaking and placing blocks!

  1. DylanKeir
    AdminMode++ is designed to help Owners prevent griefing, AdminMode++ does this by only letting people break in regions that have the world guard flag "Build: Allow". If you try to place or break in a build deny region this plugin will disallow the event. You may ask, how can I use this? If you forget to protect a region then players may be able to grief, this is also good for prison servers, you can mine in mines and not break the mines. This plugin is accepting suggestions and will be under heavy development. If there is something you would like adding, comment and I WILL reply.

    1. Download AdminMode.jar
    2. Place it in your /plugins folder
    3. Reload/Restart your server
    4. Configure to your liking in the Config.yml
    That's it!


    /adminmode - adminmode.use

    Extra Information
    This plugin is new
    This plugin is looking for suggestions
    All Messages are configurable in the config
    All Permissions are configurable in the config
    This plugin is also open source! -

Recent Reviews

  1. Tutorcast
    Version: 1.0
    Yet another good plugin from this developer ~ Open source which makes it a lot better so I can make small changes if I need to, very helpful when I let him know about stuff he fixed it straight away!
    1. DylanKeir
      Author's Response
      Thanks toots c: