AdminMode 1.1

Watch and spectate easily

  1. taylory5
    A plugin that adds a cool command to watch and spectate.

    Commands and permissions

    • /admin
      • AdminMode.AdminCommand
    • Night Vision II and Invisibility II potion effect
    • Automatically hides you from online players (except others in AdminMode)
    • Automatic gamemode change
    • Separate inventories
    • Disable certain events (see configuration below)
    • Right click a player to view info about them (gamemode, health and hunger)
    • Get notified in-game when you log in if a new update is found with the permission AdminMode.update
    Upcoming features

    • Ability to view inventory and potion effects
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas feel free to PM me. Thank you and have a good day!