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See which admin's, mod's, supporter's are online before you join!

  1. scholzi100


    Please do not use this Plugin anymore!

    thumpmail.png What is "AdminOnline"?
    "AdminOnline" is a Plugin with it you can see what admin´s mod´s and supporter´s are online before you have joined.

    How to install?
    •Put the AdminOnline.jar and BungeeYaml.jar in your Bungee plugins folder.•
    •Start your BungeeCord•
    •Look at your plugins folder , now u can see a folder it is named "AdminOnline"•
    •Add users or groups in to the config.yml file•
    •Use the command /adminonline & /adminonline reload to reload the plugin•
    •Now hover the player count of your server when a admin or a guy u has defined in the config.yml is online•

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