Admins Menu 3.0


  1. TnSProd
    This plugin is designed as a GUI plugin, that is specially for admins to use and enjoy. This plugin adds features into the server, making it easier to do thing through a very well lay'd out GUI menu. This menu has features such as setting it to day, creative, and survival mode, weathers, and much more. This plugin adds such a system into the game, it is easy, and enjoyable to do things without having to go through some process's. This plugin makes instead of typing, you type /m for the menu, and press the icon as you desire. Easy, simple, and efficient.


    Updated to 1.8
    Yes this plugin does have a config, which is specially made for the customizable features. The config generates itself after the server is started or reloaded. All your job is to configure the plugin to your needs!

    • /hmenu - Opens the "help" menu, with little commands, and basics.
    • /hm - Alias for /hmenu
    • /menu - Opens the Admins Menu.
    • /m - Alias for /menu
    Plugin Features

    Activate Creative Mode

    Activate Survival Mode

    Heal the player

    Adding a Admins Sword to you inventory.

    Setting time to Day and Night


    Reload the server!

Recent Reviews

  1. SmileyyyFaceee
    Version: 3.0
    I can see a lot of potential with this plugin. If you were to implement permission nodes, this could turn into a full GUI of commands that all players can have access to, but certain commands are only visible with the permission.

    It could also use vault to hook into an economy and allow players to use a command for a price. For example, a player could pay 500 to be healed through the GUI.

    For a start, this is definitely a great plugin! I hope you continue development in it c:
  2. Yazio
    Version: 3.0
    i would rate this 5/5 for a beginner :)