AdminTownyWars 0.1.2

admin-controlled wars between towns for

  1. sidey383
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Minecraft bukkit plugin that extends the functionality of Towny.
    Adds admin-controlled wars.
    Players can capture chunks using white flags in time of battle.
    Sets pvp enabled in cities, disables teleportation, custom respawn location during the battle.
    /war help - Description of commands.
    /war declare <First Town> <Second Town> - Start war. The battle does not begin
    /war list - Get list of wars and battles
    /war battle start <Attacker> <Defender> - Start the battle. To do this, you need to start a war between these towns.
    /war battle start <War id> - End battle.
    /war setRespawn - Set default respawn location.
    /war removeRespawn - Remove default respawn location.
    /war setRespawn <Town> - Set respawn location for town
    /war removeRespawn <Town> - remove respawn location for town
    /war reload - Relod plugin configuration.
    Use /war battle
    • townywars.command.war.battle
    Use /war list
    • townywars.command.war.list
    Use /war declare
    • townywars.command.war.declare
    Use /war end
    • townywars.command.war.end
    Use /war help
    use /war reload
    • townywars.command.war.reload
    Use /war removeRespawn
    • townywars.command.war.respawn
    Use /war setRespawn
    • townywars.command.war.respawn
    Ignore the ban on toggle pvp in the town during the battle
    • townywars.toggle.pvp
    Ignore the ban on leaving the town during the battle
    • townywars.leavetown
    Ignore the ban on teleport during the war
    • townywars.teleport

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