AdminTroll 1.0.0

New generation of Trolling

  1. awesomehenderson
    **AdminTroll Recoded!** What is this plugin? AdminTroll is just a simple troll plugin where you can: * Give Fake Op * Have Fake Player join * Have fake players leave * Freeze players from moving *Unfreeze them * AND MORE SOON --------- How do I install AdminTroll??

    Installing the plugin is the plugin is very simple, follow these instructions; First, download the plugin with the download button on the right of your screen. Next, Drag AdminTroll.jar from your downloads(Or, where ever you have all your downloads go), and drag it into your server files Then, Reload/Restart your server and the plugin should be there! Finally, give yourself Op or the permission nodes. -------- -------- Commands

    • /freeze - Freezes player
    • /unfreeze - Unfreezes player
    • /frozen - Checks to see if player is frozen
    • /Fakejoin - Makes a fake player join the game (Coming in version 3)
    • /Fakeleave - Makes a fake player leave the game (Coming in version 3)
    • /Fakeop - Gives fake Op (Coming in version 3)
    • /Fakedeop - Takes away fake Deop (Coming in version 3) -------- --------
      • Permissions
    • /freeze = freeze.freeze
    • /unfreeze = freeze.unfreeze
    • /frozen = freeze.frozen
    • MORE COMING SOON -------- --------
      • Suggestions?
    • Give me suggestions in the comments!