AdminUtils 1.4

Some tools to make better the control of your server.

  1. Throns
    AdminUtils ~
    A simple plugin to make better the control of your server.

    Manage the chat with a simple command.
    • Freeze and unfreeze players.
    • AntiSwear system.
    • Vanish support(Players can place blocks where you are at if you are vanished).

    • /chat - Mute, unmute and clear the chat.
    • /freeze or /ss - Freezes a specified player.
    • /unfreeze - Unfreezes a player.
    • /antiswear or /as - Manage the AntiSwear.​

    • chat.use - Allows to do /chat.
    • chat.talkpower - You can still type when the chat is muted.
    • chat.notify - If the chat is muted sends a message to the player.
    • chat.* - All the permissions.

    • freeze.freeze - Allows to freeze players.
    • freeze.unfreeze - Allows to unfreeze players.
    • freeze.* - All the permissions.

    • antiswear.use - Allows to do /antiswear.
    • antiswear.bypass - You can say blacklisted words.
    • antiswear.* - All the permissions.​

    And the AntiSwear file(example)

    A player without the permission "antiswear.bypass" or "antiswear.*" can't say "nigger".

    If you have problems with my plugin please pm me instead of rating with 1 star.

    ~ Throns.
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Recent Updates

  1. AntiSwear command fix!
  2. New features!
  3. Permissions fix!

Recent Reviews

  1. iOxf
    Version: 1.3
    Good plugin, excellent update! ;) continue with this plugin. you are a GOD, the update contain antiswear... in my network anyone can´t say "eZ" Xd