AdminVault 1.0.1-Alpha

Quick and easy access to custom server items - Ideal for Survival Servers

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.14
    A quick and easy system for spawning custom made items!

    AdminVault has been tested with Spigot 1.8.3, Spigot 1.10.2 and Spigot 1.14.4
    I will not be going out of my way to extend support for previous versions.

    The Download link provided is from my personal Build server Using JRE 7 instead of JRE 8

    AdminVault is currently Alpha, Expect bugs and crashes.

    Users running Spigot pre 1.14.4 may need older builds, try latest if not fall back to v0.9

    The primary command is /adminvault but /avault and /av all work too.

    /adminvault (adminvault.view)
    Opens the AdminVault GUI

    /adminvault add (adminvault.add)
    Adds the currently held item to AdminVault

    /adminvault addinv (adminvault.add)
    Adds your entire inventory to AdminVault

    /adminvault delete/remove (adminvault.delete)
    Removes the currently held item from AdminVault

    /adminvault info (adminvault.view)
    Retrieves information such as the amount of stored items and how many pages it spans

    /adminvault save (
    Force saves the contents of AdminVault to disk

    /adminvault load (adminvault.load)
    Force loads saved items into AdminVault.

    /adminvault search [-li] searchterms
    Searches item names or types with optional searching within the previous search.

    Adding Items to AdminVault
    It's pretty easy to do and can be done in different ways

    Method 1
    Hold an item you wish you add to AdminVault in your hand and run '/adminvault add'

    Method 2
    Fill your inventory with multiple items you wish to add to AdminVault and run '/adminvault addinv'

    Method 3 (BUGGY)
    Open AdminVault via '/adminvault' and drop an item into an empty slot in the GUI (Do not drop on the bottom row! You WILL lose your item)

    Removing Items from AdminVault
    Removing items is easy and theres multiple methods.

    Method 1
    Hold an item that is in AdminVault that you wish to remove and run '/adminvault delete'

    Method 2
    Find the item within AdminVault that you wish to remove, Hold Shift/Sneak and Right Click the item to remove it.

    Cloning an Item
    Sometimes you need an item that exists in AdminVault, Theres two ways to get it.

    Just 1
    If you require one of an item simply left click it, A clone of the clicked item will be added to your inventory.

    One Stack
    If you require a full stack of the item. Middle Click the item, A whole stack of the item will be cloned to your inventory.

    Searching for an Item
    Searching can be done in two different ways.

    Method 1
    Searching item names is the best option for named items. To do this you can simply run '/adminvault search termshere'. Replace "termshere" with some search terms. Spaces are supported.

    Method 2
    Sometimes you need specific items. Such as all glass items. To do this you could run '/adminvault search -i glass' which would return all items that are glass.

    Refining Results
    Sometimes if you've got a LOT of items in AdminVault with similar names you'll need to refine your search. Simply perform your first search for an item then continue searching with the flag 'l' for Last Search. e.g. '/adminvault search -il glass' or '/adminvault search -l hell' all produced results will have been selected from your last search.

    Getting between pages of AdminVault is easy peasy.
    Click the paper in the bottom left or bottom right to move between the next and previous pages. Check the AdminVault GUI title to see what page you're currently on.

    Known Bugs/Issues
    There are a few known bugs which are in the pipeline to be fixed

    • NPE in an InventoryEvent - Intermittent and needs tracking down!
    Planned Features
    • None currently, suggest some on the discussion tab!
    Feel free to suggestion additional ideas and bug reports in the comments and Discussion Thread. All Minecraft Blocks, Weapons, Books and such are currently supported unless stated otherwise in "Known Bugs/Issues".

    If you wish to access stored data for AdminVault you can find items.yml in the AdminVault folder. If you edit it by hand don't forget to /adminvault load - Although editing is discouraged!


    There are two ways to gain support:

    My own IRC Network: #plugins

    Spigot IRC: #Spigot
    Spigot IRC is not an official support channel for AdminVault, But I'm normally floating around there bugging people for help when I'm stuck!

    Help keep my plugins free forever!
    If my plugins useful to you why not donate?



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    Very good plugin i will 100% use it on my server. Keep up the good work! And thanks for sharing !
  2. JunkdudeHD
    Version: 0.9-Alpha
    Love it! able to store items with ease and not worry about them. Thank you so much for this plugin!!!!
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! If you have any suggestions or issues drop a reply on the discussion tab :D
  3. Ayxa
    Version: 0.9-Alpha
    Good plugin, but.. I believe you must put screenshots of this plugin in this page, but all excellent, thanks.
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the review. I don't tend to put many screenshots as I never see a major reason to. But I can certainly do that :)
  4. SlimeDog
    Version: 0.9-Alpha
    Yow! Much better than a hidden WG-protected box of chests and command blocks. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, that's the exact reason I wrote the plugin. It also became tiresome trying to find specific custom items. So adding a vault with a search command made life much more easier.
  5. fawaseteh
    Version: 0.9-Alpha
    Really goood plugin ;D.
    Goood adminvault.
    Congratulations, grat developer.
    I am waiting upgrades :).
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! If you have any suggestions drop a reply on the discussion tab :)
  6. ItsGamingSoni
    Version: 0.8-Alpha
    This is truly a masterpiece, I own an RPG server which has over 2000 custom items and I'm seriously tired of keeping them in a chest under spawn in a bedrock box, It takes forever to find one item that I'm looking for so this plugin is making my life much, much easier.. I hope I can see more features in the future! thank you for making such a wonderful plugin ;)
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for your review :) Thats the exact reason I wrote it. I run a server myself that has a few hundred items. Previously we had a bedrock box under our spawn full with command blocks, It's truly fun if players got in :P If you have any issues or suggestions let me know!
  7. Mangofruitie
    Version: 0.8-Alpha
    This is cool plugin for creative servers or any server. I mean I think its a pretty unique idea which is pretty cool.
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :) I hope you enjoy the updated version let me know if you have any suggestions or issues !
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    Nice plugin for server staff