Advanced 1v1 0.7 [Spigot 1.7.x]

A simple 1v1, with duel mode (soup or potion)

  1. CraftanoLokao
    Custom messages with color sistem;
    => Random Arena System;
    => Stats just the 1v1;
    => Options GUI, with duel mode;
    => Ping Command;

    Commands for Operators:

    /ping => See ping
    /1v1 spec <PlayerName | leave> => spec player or leave of this mode!
    /1v1 setlobby => Set lobby of 1v1
    /1v1 setquit => Set quit location
    /1v1 setup create <arena> => Create a arena
    /1v1 setup setpos1 <arena> => Set location 1
    /1v1 setup setpos2 <arena> => Set location 2

    Command for all Players:
    /1v1 => Join and Quit
    /1v1 stats <Player> => See the stats of player

    Comming soon:

    * Custom Items;
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Recent Updates

  1. Duel mode!!!!!
  2. Added: Ping Command
  3. some bug fixes!

Recent Reviews

  1. TamataPvP
    Version: 0.7 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Your plugin is excelent 6+ for your work please bro add custom items because i just need to add this plugin in my fac i will give big credits to you i have 1k subs thats not much but i will give credits to you if you make this with custom items and timer after player 1 kill player 2 maybe 8 seconds and teleport back to spawn thats what i need :)
  2. Henaminator
    Version: 0.7 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Realy nice, please update. <3
  3. Funky
    Version: 0.7 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    I'm running 1.8. I cant setlobby, set positions etc. Says internal error occurred on most commands. Shame because this looks like a good plugin. Please fix.
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      yes, coming son I'll remake this plugin for 1.8.X and 1.10, thx for rating
  4. Xfester
    Version: 0.7 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Can you do 1.7-1.8?
    because i wanna use that on my server.
    Thank you so much for that plugin :333333
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      ok, keep calm I'll move house
  5. Xfester
    Version: 0.6 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Coming soon:
    Custom items.
    I wanna see it in next update. I have few ideas for it.
    For example:
    - Blade rod (Duel item >> click on player >> send request)
    - Green color idk name D: (Duel item >> click on player >> accept request)
    For vip:
    - chest. And in that chest VIP can create inventory (1. Sword 2. Bow 3. Fishing Rod 4. FNS (fleent and steel).
    Or create GUI interface.
    For example:
    - simple stick (Click >> random join [but that can create with Custom Join Items])
    - duel chest (open gui with heads all players on online >>> click on head >>> send request >>> if that player dont pvp >>> gui requist (mineplex style treasure chest))
    Sry for my terrible english ;c
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      nice idea, I'll try make.
  6. Xfester
    Version: 0.5 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Again good.
    But i think soup - it's bad.
    And create plugin ONLY for BungeeCord, because many owners use plugin on Bungee Servers. And.
    - /rjoin (Wain)
    - /stats (/1vs1 stats >> /stats)
    - /fix
    - /ping (optional)
    - Spectate (for mods)
    - Top (In mysql)
    And if you will do that, for exelent create webstats. Thank you for great update!
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      Thx for rating but this stats is only in 1v1, and I dont know use Mysql, srry, I'll try learn but...
  7. LazyDev
    Version: 0.4 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Good Plugin!
    Please add:
    -Bungee Mode
    -MySQL if you can
    -/fix and fix player
    -Waiting Lobby
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      OK, I'll try
  8. Tincon1
    Version: 0.4 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Nice plugin, very well done. Will probably use this plugin in the future for my future hub server thanks.
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  9. ItsAgain
    Version: 0.3 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Good ^^
    But plz add a message when a player setpos/setquit .... and the soup do not heal !
    And pls set customizable message ^^
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      Thx, I added
  10. Xfester
    Version: 0.1 [Spigot 1.7.x]
    Please add:
    /rjoin (random join)
    multi-arenas and GUI system! Good Plugin! Thank for share :3
    1. CraftanoLokao
      Author's Response
      done I add /1v1 stats and the scoreboard