Advanced AntiSwear 5.4

Annoyed of swearing players? This is your ultimate solution! Superior filter, punishments, and more!

  1. brooky1010
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Hello! Thank you for checking out this Advanced AntiSwear plugin. This plugin prevents players from swearing in the chat, with a cool message or even a hologram! (Already blocked over a million swear words!)

    + Custom Word List
    + Custom Swear Message
    + Take money from players when they swear. (Requires Vault)
    + Custom Message + Prefix
    + Permissions
    + Config Reload Command
    + Kick players when they swear for an amount of times
    + Show all the blocked words in-game.
    + You can use the variable %player% in the kick & warn message to show the player name.
    + You can hurt players when they swear!
    + You can mute the whole chat at once!
    + Built in chat clear module!
    + Moderator warning
    + Custom Sound Module (Sound list here)
    + Custom Built-In Actionbar
    + Custom Hologram Popup (Requires HoloGramAPI)
    + Console Command Support

    - /antiswear - Shows author information. (No Permission)

    - /as help - Shows commands & help. (No Permission)

    - /as reload - Reloads the config. (antiswear.reload)

    - /as message - Sets the swear message (antiswear.manage)

    - /as prefix - Sets the prefix (antiswear.manage)

    - /as kickmessage - Sets the message that will be displayed if kicking is enabled in the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as info - Shows all the recent info (antiswear.manage)

    - /as kick - Kicks a player from the server instantly (antiswear.manage)

    - /as add - Adds a word from in-game to the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as remove - Removes a word from the config. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as toggle - Mutes or unmutes the chat. (antiswear.toggle)

    - /as cc - Clears the chat for everyone. (

    - /as debug - Outputs useful information to console when reporting a bug. (antiswear.manage)

    - /as check - Check for updates (antiswear.manage)

    - /as count - Check how many times a player cursed.

    - antiswear.* - All permissions.
    - antiswear.mod - Receive a notification if someone swears.
    - antiswear.bypass - Bypass global mute & swear word check.

    Download addons here:
    HologramAPI: Click here
    Vault: Click here


    Code (Text):

    #Advanced AntiSwear by Brooky1010
    #Do not copy or re-publish under your own name!
    #Be sure to visit my website! (Dutch)

    #Check for updates? true/false
    updatecheck: true

    #Swear word list it is recommended to use /as add and /as remove in-game.
      - fuck

    #The message that is displayed if they swear.
    chatmessage: false
    message: "&cDon't swear or you'll risk a ban, %player%!"

    #The command that will be executed as console when a player swears.
    command: "none"
    #The prefix that is displayed before any message.
    prefix: "&6[AntiSwear]"

    #The sound that is played when a player swears. (If you're 1.9 (or higher) use BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND, if you're using lower, use random.anvil_land
    sound: true
    soundvalue: BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND

    #The message that is displayed if you execute the reload command.
    reload_message: "&cConfiguration file reloaded!"

    #The message that is displayed when you clear the chat.
    clearmessage: "&cThe chat has been cleared by %player%!"

    #The message that is displayed if the chat is muted.
    globalmute: "&cYou cannot talk right now, %player%."

    #The message that will be displayed if globalmute gets toggled.
    mute_toggle: "&cThe chat has been %toggle%."

    #The toggle arguments that will be displayed in the place of %toggle%.
    mute: "muted"

    unmute: "unmuted"

    #The message that is displayed when the chat is muted.
    globalmute: "&cThe chat is muted %player%!"

    #The message that is displayed when a player swears.
    actionbar: true
    actionbarmessage: "&cDo not swear %player%!"

    #The message that is displayed in a hologram when they swear. [ONLY IF HOLOGRAMAPI IS INSTALLED]
    holomessage: "&c&lDo not swear, %player%."
    #The time the hologram is displayed. (In seconds)
    holotime: 4

    #Will the players be kicked if they try to swear a specific amount of times? true/false
    kick: false
    times: 5

    #The message a player gets kicked with if enabled.
    kickmessage: "&cDo not swear or you will get banned, %player%!"

    #How much damage does the player get when swearing? (2 damage = 1 Heart)
    damagetoggle: true
    damage: 2

    #Punish players by taking their money when Vault is installed.
    balance: true
    balamount: 10
    chargemessage: "&cYou have been charged $%amount% for swearing!"



    - Players can bypass filter by using colors (e.g. &6fuck) Fixed in version 5.3
    - Commands do not get filtered (like /msg, /me,..) Fixed in version 4.9
    - Actionbar gives errors in MC 1.12 Fixed in version 4.8

    Please report bugs in PM! Do not leave a bad review without contacting me first!


    Q: All the green text in my config is gone.
    A: That is caused by adding words or modifying the config from in-game. You can always watch the text above.

    Q: I edited my sound effect and now the plugin doesn't work anymore.
    A: You added an invalid sound effect. Get a full list here.

    Q: The plugin isn't working.
    A: Make sure you have the latest Spigot installed and you are running Java 8.

    Q: The plugin isn't still working and I have the latest version.
    A: Contact me via Spigot or GitHub.

    bStats page: Click here


    You can't filter everything.
    Please read this Wikipedia article: Scunthorpe Problem

    - This plugin uses bStats to collect data.
    What does bStats collect?
    • Your server's randomly generated UUID
    • - The amount of players on your server
    • - The online mode of your server
    • - The bukkit version of your server
    • - The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
    • - The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
    • - The version of your OS
    • - The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
    • - The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
    • - bStats-supported plugins
    • - Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
    • - Amount of swears on your server
    - You can disable bStats in the bStats config. (/plugins/bStats/config.yml)

    1000 Downloads ✓ - Thanks! (8 January 2017)
    1500 Downloads ✓ - Thanks! (18 April 2017)
    2000 Downloads ✓ - Thanks! (18 July 2017)
    20000 Downloads ✓ - Thanks! (18 September 2019)


Recent Updates

  1. Message change
  2. Minor fix
  3. Permission fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Narcox5
    Version: 5.4
    Work realy good, create replace event, pl: shit and repleace to **** and add 1.15.2 support, in 1.15.2 work good, not working, sound, and messages. Thanks.
  2. Raamah
    Version: 5.4
    Very cool features, like the ability to charge money or cause damage on swearing and the sound is good as well. I don't mind adding words to a list, lots of plugins need this done (like GriefPrevention) and word lists are easily available online. Unfortunately the one failing that will cause me to stop using this plugin is that players can easily bypass the word list just by adding one or more spaces between the letters in the bad words. A few other plugins ignore special characters and spaces between the letters of words in the word list, which I think would be a great addition to this plugin and make it a lot more functional. I know you can add all of the combinations to the word list, but that is a lot of unnecessary work when it can simply be a function of the plugin.
  3. Oppyusa
    Version: 5.4
    Great overall, easy commands but does not block hundreds of words. The only word blocked is blocked by all other anti swears.
    1. brooky1010
      Author's Response
      You have to add words manually. I don't know what language your server is, so it is impossible for me to add a whole list of swear words.
  4. komcsierik
    Version: 5.4
    Not a bad plugin, though you don't know utf-8 and that is pretty sad im useing 1.15.2
  5. roilee1101
    Version: 5.2
    this is very basic and awesome plugin! I love it. The only concern is if there is any way to warn them each time they swear. My server is ran on 1.11.2 so I cannot install HOlo
    1. brooky1010
      Author's Response
      An actionbar or normal chat message is also an available option.
  6. WDW_Mickey
    Version: 5.2
    Great plugin! However, there is an issue that if we add hell to the list people can't do he'll.
    1. brooky1010
  7. TryPlayer
    Version: 5.2
    not working with different language like russian language. It so bad for me and different foreigne peoples
  8. Its_Lars
    Version: 5.2
    This plugin is awesome with 0% bugs! Thank you for this amazing plugin!

    Check it out on
    1. brooky1010
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.
  9. Little_Potato_
    Version: 5.2
    This plugin is awesome! Works perfectly and how it does damage is so funny. -
    1. brooky1010
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.
  10. TheCoolCat92
    Version: 5.2
    Great Plugin Works With My Server Perfectly
    Really Like This Plugin (also maybe add The §F*ck Protection)
    Check it out
    1. brooky1010
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.