Advanced Clearchat 3.0

better clearchat then the others!

  1. OfirTIM
    Advanced Clearchat
    better version of clearchat!
    more commands! (and sub commands :p)
    more crazy things! and more... and more... and more...
    What is it Does?
    basically its clearchat that more easier to work with!
    and it even has automatic clearchat!
    i need help from you :3
    i wanna make more stuff about this plugin..
    soo if you want you can give me Idea's at the Posts!
    thanks for Peoples who helped! i will credit you ;P
    Automatic Clearchat
    yes... finally someone made it... and its me...

    it has some cool stuff and if its off its alert every 5 Minutes that the Automatic clearchat is not active!


    to turn the automatic clearchat on type:

    to turn it off type:

    to clear the global chat type:

    to clear your own chat type (there's no permission for it):

    to get to the menu help of the plugin type:

    to get the plugin info type:

    to clear other players chat type:


    advancedclearchat.clearglobalchat (/clearchat) (/clearchat auto)
    advancedclearchat.others (/clearchat <Player>)

    without ToxicVirus this plugin was'nt uploaded! he helped me alot and he is acually my Teacher for Developmenting Spigot Plugins,
    soo thank you ToxicVirus! you are great friend and perfect teacher!​

Recent Updates

  1. 3.0 Fixed Global ClearChat
  2. 2.9 UPDATE
  3. 2.8 Fixed bug update

Recent Reviews

  1. GGhost
    Version: 3.0
    More like toxiccode. I think we can agree that we need more poorly developed plugins from people that don't even understand YAML as the markup language it is. "clearchat auto" like many other commands aren't documented well and also should stop players from talking, not wait a maximum of 5 minutes. Also, the developer claim he wants to be a paid developer and yet thinks this is a hard project. I wouldn't like to see what happens if he is getting paid to do a project like my NetworkVote plugin.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      should test it your self...
  2. smrkn
    Version: 2.9
    Author has little to no understanding of java conventions & little to no understanding of YAML conventions. Plugin is unnecessarily bloated and misses several important checks as mentioned by Omnivion.

    Author is also incredibly rude to people who disagree with him.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      Possibly if you will stop being annoy to me... if you does'nt like my coding away just go no one need your help! i did'nt want you to annoy me! please leave my plugins alonest... working on it is hard..
  3. Omnivion
    Version: 1.3
    According to the Minecraft Wiki, only 100 chat messages are stored, yet you send the player 229, plus a footer section. Furthermore, you put everything into one class (gross), you didn't name your package properly, you've got unneeded checks, you don't have NEEDED checks, you've got variables you don't need, and the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that you used the chatcolor symbol, rather than enum.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      have problems? check for your self... i am doing what i am doing... its a based plugin that i am working on!
      soo if you have problems wait until next updates!
      you are Disgusting me...
  4. Gimmes
    Version: 1.0
    Review on:
    advancedclearchat v1.0

    Reload worked?

    Restart needed?
    Not needed

    Has help menu?
    True, after you did /clearchat help, /clearchat doens't display the help menu.

    Needs other plugins?

    If you have do /clearchat auto on/off (on or off) it will just toggle, if it's off and you say /clearchat auto off it will toggle it on.

    Created config?

    Things that can be changed or added?
    A config with the amount of seconds for the delay that you can put in.
    Custom messages.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      you got the /clearchat auto wrong... you dont do on/off you just type it and its active... then if you type again... its unactive! that the point :P
  5. ProJoosh
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin, the only thing it needs is a config file for custom messages :)
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      i promise in the 2 next update there will be Config.yml!