Advanced Command Blocker 1.2

Block both configured Commands and Messages at ease, the plugin you need!

  1. KvinneKraft
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    • 1.8
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    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
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    There it is, after a long time, the Dash Command Blocker, I was planning on releasing this waaay earlier, but I just never got to it, the functionality of this plugin will be expanded in the near future.

    For as far as it goes now, it will block any command and or message that you specify either through the configuration file or through the commands that come with this plugin along with its configuration file.

    The base command for this plugin is /dashchat which will give you a good hints up as to what else it has to offer.

    There are several options in the configuration file, be sure to check them out if you are curious, for as far as the white and black listing goes, you can use something like the following to simplify the process :

    '/dashchat [add | del] [command | word] <data>'

    or to be a bit more clear :

    '/dashchat add command /ver'

    I hope you enjoy this, I made this whilst almost falling asleep, it is 4:00 AM right now and I am tired. Sorry if this description is shizzle.

    Good night you all and be blessed, much love <3 ) o (


Recent Updates

  1. Cleanup
  2. -DashChat optimizations