Advanced Drop Manager 2.8.6

Control mob, block, fish, decay, player etc. drops | Chances and many drop conditions! | LootChests

  1. 7smile7
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14

    This plugin needs PhoenixAPI

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    Optional: PlaceholderAPI to support variables in onDrop commands
    Optional: MythicMobs to enable editing drops for Mythicmobs
    Optional: MoneyDrops to enable physically dropped money
    Optional: WorldGuard to enable region name condition
    Optional: AdvancedAbilities for skill level condition

    Optional: JobsReborn to enable Job level condition
    Optional: SkillAPI to enable class/level condition
    Optional: McMMO for stat level condition

    Newest version now supports
    1.13 and 1.14



    Code (Text):
    /dropedit block <Material>
    /dropedit mob <MobType>
    /dropedit fishing
    /dropedit decay
    /dropedit mythicmob <MythicMob>
    /dropedit custom <Name>
    /dropedit player
    Code (Text):
    /dropedit spawnblock
    /dropedit spawnmob
    /dropedit spawncustom <Name>
    /dropedit dropcustom <World> <x> <y> <z>
    /dropedit lootchest create <CustomTable> <RespawnSeconds>
    /dropedit simplelootchest <CustomTable>
    Code (Text):
    /dropedit copyblock <Material> <from/to> <Material>
    /dropedit copymob <MobType> <from/to> <MobType>
    /dropedit copymythic <MythicMob> <from/to> <MythicMob>

    Permission: blockdrops.admin






    Full ingame GUI (Middle clicks only work in creative mode)
    Safe drops. No duplication.
    Supports all custom items
    High performance
    Complete control
    Supports multiverse
    Disable Vanilla drops
    Exp Drops
    Command Drops
    100% translatable
    Money item drops
    Prevent drops from player placed blocks
    Protect drops from others
    Jobs Reborn condition
    MythicMobs drop support
    Player health condition
    Player luck condition

    Chance - Chance between 0% - 100%
    Time condition - Determines if items should be dropped at day or night
    Biome condition - Only drops in a certain biome
    Enchantment condition - Only drops if mined/killed with this enchantment
    Permission condition - Only drops if player has this permission
    Height condition - Only drops if player is in this block range
    Player Level condition - Only drops if player has at least this level
    ExactItem condition - Only drops if killed/mined with this exact item
    Jobs Reborn condition - Only drops if killed/mined by player with certain job level
    WorldGuard Region condition - Only drops if killed/mined in region with this text in its name

    McMMO conditions - Only drops if the mcmmo lvl is high enought
    AdvancedAbility conditions - Only drops if ability lvl is high enought
    Distance conditions - Only drops if this far from spawn
    Health conditions - Only drops if the player has at least this much health
    Luck conditions - Only drops if the player has at least this much luck

    Currently working on
    Container Linking

    Future Ideas

    Code (Text):
    // You can get the DropManagerAPI singleton with.
    DropManagerAPI dropAPI = DropManagerAPI.get();
    // From there on you can drop container on locations
    // and check if a block was placed by a player.

    Special Hint:
    Want to also manage your crafting recipes?

    Code (Text):

    MessagePrefix: "§6[§eDropManager§6] "

    AllowCreative: false

    #Determines if only the player whom the item dropped to,
    #should be able to pick it up.
    ProtectDrops: true

    #Enabled worlds. Use wildcard * for all worlds.
      - '*'

    If you have any suggestions or problems feel free to post them in the discussions tab.

    Drop Editor

    Please try to use the review section only for... well reviews

Recent Reviews

  1. FideiCrux
    Version: 2.8.6
    Very good and very in-depth plugin. It allows customization of almost every drop on the server. It hooks well with mythicmobs, and have yet to find an issue with mmoitems. The author is active and issues are generally fixed same day. It's a great plugin backed by a great author.
  2. YostOfficial
    Version: 2.8.4
    Haven't had it long but love how easy it is to use. Not very often you find a perfect plugin. 5 star
  3. kekker98
    Version: 2.8.4
    Very useful plugin, it helped me adding a lot of new features to my server . The developer is friendly and ready to help you with any issue you are experiencing. Amazing work
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  4. darkinnit
    Version: 2.8.3
    I need help in fixing the gui.. i cant middle click for the conditions can you tell me why and how will i fix it?
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Yes :D
      As stated on the plugin page: Middle clicks in minecraft only work in creative mode. ^^
      Pls post in the discussions section. Reviews are not a place to ask for help :-/
  5. optischTV
    Version: 2.8.1
    its not loading on my spigot 1.8.8 localhost.........................................................................................................................
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Hi optischTV
      This plugin is not compatible with your version. :-/

      You are metaphorically pumping diesel in a gasoline-only car and then
      complaining that it does not work.

      I believe that this is improper usage of the review section.
      It makes me sad that my hard free work is rated like this. :-(

      Quote from my the main site
      "Native Minecraft Version: 1.13
      Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.131.14"
  6. mimert98
    Version: 2.7.8
    i like the idea. Is there way to customize like; when player dies, %20 of his items will drop by %30 chance?
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Im using the provided DropTable system from minecraft.
      Players sadly dont have any droptables. But this seems like a nice feature to add.

      Edit: Now you can do it :D
  7. blaukat
    Version: 2.7.5
    Spectacular, does everything you could ever want and more. Would you condier releasing the source code by any chance?
    1. 7smile7
      Author's Response
      Yes i think after some cleanup i can release the source code ;D thanks for the review
  8. AnkhAsmodeus
    Version: 2.7.5
    This plugin is one of the best i ever use, It complies perfectly with what it promises, it compatible with many other plugins like skillapi, interface to edit loot tables very friendly, its conditions allow you to make really complex drop systems, the developer is friendly and very attentive, constant updates and bug fixes, if I could rate it with 10 stars I would do it without hesitation, totally the best I've seen on this platform.
  9. Wingmarks
    Version: 2.7.3
    have deleted the previous BUG reply.
    I am very grateful to you for helping us fix this bug.
    1. 7smile7
  10. dinoboss2001
    Version: 2.7.3
    buen plugin fuerte codigo y buen api saludos mmm esto me iso gracia Im very active and dont bite ^^ xdd