Advanced Fly [Recoding Paused] 3.5

Fly away with much features and cool options!

  1. NickCloud
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Minecraft Version: Coded on Spigot 1.8.3
    Works on: 1.9 (Under Version 2.9 - 1.8+)
    Java Version: Java 8 (7 not testet)

    - /fly (toggles fly)
    - /fly <player> (toggles fly for an player)
    - /reloadfly (reloads the config)
    - /flyspeed <speed> (<player>) (change your or someones fly speed)
    - /flyhelp (shows you the help page that you can configure in the config)
    - /flysettings <setting> <on/ff> <<<< if its setflyitem/setflyitemmeata <number>

    - fly.toggle (allows you to use /Fly)
    - fly.reload (allows you to reload fly)
    - fly.speed (allows you to change your fly speed)
    - fly.other (allows you to set the fly mode of an other player)
    - fly.speed.other (allows you to set the speed of an other player)
    - fly.join (if you set flyonjoin to true in config, and usepermsforjoin, you need this permission to get fly mode on join)
    - fly.itemfly (allows you to toggle fly with the "flyitem" if its enabled in the config)
    - (allows you to use /flyhelp)
    - fly.settings (allows you to use /flysettings)
    - fly.particles (allows you to have particles while flying)

    #Set the message you'll see if you enable fly
    toggleOn: '&aFly mode is now On!'
    #Set the message you'll see if you disable fly
    toggleOff: '&cFly mode is now Off!'
    #Set the message you'll see if you write the fly command wrong
    usage: '&6/Fly (toggles fly mode) (if you have permission fly.other, you can also do /Fly <player>)'
    #Set the message you'll see if you use /Fly but dont have permission
    noperms: '&cYou dont have permissions to use fly!'
    #Set the message you'll see if you reload the plugin
    reloadmessage: '&aPlugin successfully reloaded!'
    #Set the message you'll see if you change your fly speed
    flyspeed: '&6Your fly speed is now on &c%speed%!'
    #Set the message you'll see on /flyhelp
    help: "&8[]================( &6&lFly Help &8)================[]
    \n&e&l/fly - &eFor toggling the fly mode
    \n&l/fly <player> - &eFor toggling the fly mode for an player
    \n&l/flyspeed 1-10 - &eTo change you fly speed
    \n&l/flyspeedother 1-10 <player> - &eTo change an players fly speed"
    #Enable/Disable metrics
    metrics: true
    #Enable/Disable sound on /fly or join-fly
    sound: true
    #Enable/Disable flyonjoin (You'll get fly when you join)
    flyonjoin: false
    #Enable/Disable usepermsforjoin (You'll need permissions to get fly on join)
    usepermsforjoin: true
    #Enable/Disable enbleflyitem (You can toggle fly with an Item)
    enableflyitem: false
    #Set the flyitem (Like 1 = Stone)
    flyitem: 288
    #Set the flyitemmeta (Like 1:1 = Granit)
    itemmeta: 0
    #Enable/disable worldflycheck (Checks in some worlds if someone is flying)
    enableworldflycheck: true
    #Set the worldflycheck Delay (How often the plugin should check is someone is flying)
    WorldCheckDelayinSeconds: 5
    #Enable/Disables particles (You'll have a particle line behind you when you're flying)
    enableparticles: true
    #Set the particles (Others:
    particles: DRAGON_BREATH
    #Set the worlds where particles should be allowed
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
    #Set the worlds what should get checked for the worldflycheck
    - testworld

    Please give me some feedback :D

    Thanks for over 300 downloads!!

Recent Updates

  1. 1.10 Support | Still also 1.9+
  2. Fixed Particles
  3. Changed Config style

Recent Reviews

  1. Capricho
    Version: 3.5
    Oooowh NIIICE!! THANK YOU <3 - Capricho (:
  2. Apbreck
    Version: 3.5
    Excellent plugin. Will be using it in specific world with the FlyItem permission. Just a couple of things would make it even better. I'll suggest over in the Discussions area! Thanks!
  3. L3OShow
    Version: 3.0
    Good job! it works fine! Maybe you'll add some new features to the plugin!
    I suggest to add a string in the config for particles ;)
  4. Filmjolk
    Version: 2.1
    Really like how compact the plugin is and the new fly on join option. Keep up the good work! Hopefully there will be more lightweight options added soon.
    1. NickCloud
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D. Sure I will Update the Plugin. But i need some Ideas
  5. CustomEnchants
    Version: 1.2
    Does what it is suppose to do but whilst looking at the code
    i find this a very odd method of registering your commands
    public void registerreload() {
    new reload(this);

    public void registerspeed3() {
    new speed3(this);
    1. NickCloud
      Author's Response
      Yeah i know :/ but i think it works fine