Advanced Fly 1.2

Teleport back when fly off, disable pvp, temporary fly and so on

  1. KlasterStorm
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    This plugin just add /fly command, but it has some features:

    Teleport back
    When player disable fly he will be teleported to location where he enabled fly.

    Fly radius
    Disallow player move so far from his "real" location

    Teleport prevention
    Prevent player to teleport when he flying

    Restrict gameplay, for example disable pvp, potion, lava.

    Temporary fly
    For example players are allowed to fly only 10 minutes per day.
    You can create multiple limits with their own permissions.
    Players cache is cleaning at midnight (or on start if the next day has come)​

    • /fly - toggle fly mode
    • /fly <player> [on/off] - Enable/disable player fly mode
    • /fly -reload - reload config
    • /fly -clear - clear player data (executes at midnight)
    • - use command /fly​
    • - set fly mode to others​
    • - nobody (excempt console) can change your fly mode​
    • advancedfly.admin - access to /fly -reload​
    • advancedfly.overdistance - allow you bypass the max distance​
    • advancedfly.teleport - allow you to teleport in fly mode​
    • advancedfly.stay - player with this permission will not be teleported back when he disable fly​
    •<group> - allow player to fly certain amount of time (if temp fly is enabled)​
    • - bypass time restriction​

    Code (Text):

      enabled: '&6You have &aenabled &6fly.'
      disabled: '&6You have &cdisabled &6fly.'
      enabledFor: '&6You have &aenabled &6fly for &e{player}&6.'
      disabledFor: '&6You have &cdisabled &6fly for &e{player}&6.'

      noPermission: '&cInsufficient permissions!'
      playerNotFound: '&cPlayer not found.'
      exemptionError: '&cYou cannot toggle fly for this player.'
      cannotTeleport: '&cYou cannot teleport when fly is enabled.'
      overDistance: '&cYou flew too far.'
      disableEntityDamage: '&cYou cannot damage entity when fly is enabled.'
      disablePvP: '&cYou cannot PvP when fly is enabled.'
      disableThrowPotion: '&cYou cannot throw potion when fly is enabled.'
      disableBowUse: '&cYou cannot use bow when fly is enabled.'
      disableProjectile: '&cYou cannot throw projectile when fly is enabled.'
      disableInterationWithBlocks: '&cYou cannot interact with {block} when fly is enabled.'
      disableInterationWithItemInHand: '&cYou cannot use {item} when fly is enabled.'
      timerActionBar: '&aFly available: &f{time}'
      flyExpired: '&cFly is not more available today.'

    # If player has permission '', nobody can toggle fly for him (except console)
    exemptionPermission: true

    # If player has 'advancedfly.stay' he will not be teleport when fly is disabled
    noTeleportPermission: true

    # The maximum distance to which the player can move away from his saved location
    # Permission to bypass 'advancedfly.overdistance'
    maxDistance: 20

    # Player with permission '' will be able to fly for 300 seconds
    # Player with permission '' can fly without limit
      enable: true
       '1': 300
       '2': 600
       '3': 900

      disableEntityDamage: true
      disablePvP: true
      disableThrowPotion: true
      disableBowUse: true
      disableProjectile: true
      disableInterationWithBlocks: []
      disableInterationWithItemInHand: [LAVA_BUCKET, WATER_BUCKET]

    configVersion: '1.1'
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