Advanced Genetics 0.8.1

Gain powers from mobs! Gather cells and be a mad scientist!

  1. Eliminator
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    Get mobs abilities by collection their DNA and combining it with yours! You can get over 30 abilities, build 4 machines, create virus and vaccines, and lots more! I saw a mod for forge similar to this, so I decided to make my own bukkit version.



    Recipes/Machine Use
    Video Tutorial:

    Scraper Recipe:

    Syringe Recipe:

    Extractor Machine:
    Cells go in left slot, EnderEyes go in bottom.
    Then you flip the lever and DNA strands go into the right.

    Analyzer Machine:
    Skin goes in the top slot, buckets of water in the bottom.
    Then press the button and cells go into the right.
    You can also analyse blood from players to see what genetic
    changes they have. If you want you can put a source of water
    underneath the machine and it will be taken instead of buckets.

    Breeder Machine:
    Any DNA strands go in left slot, one DNA of the kind you want in the right.

    Centrifuge Machine:
    Bottles of blood in bottom slot (The more the higher the change of a successful mix).
    And put one DNA that has been bred ten times in the top.

    To inject yourself with DNA you must put the blood thats mixed with DNA into a syringe.
    And inject yourself with it. To put blood into a syringe, open you inventory, pick up the vial
    of blood and click on 1 empty syringe with it.

    To remove DNA from yourself you need to craft an Anti-DNA cell by putting
    redstone around any cell. Then you can breed it with a Level 10 DNA strand to
    make it an anti-DNA strand. Last mix the anti stand with blood and inject it.

    Restoring DNA:
    After you die, if the server has DNA loss turned on, then you will loose all your
    DNA modifications. To prevent this, you need to take a sample of your blood,
    and purify it. The recipe to do that is below:
    Then after you loose your DNA, you can inject this pure blood into yourself,
    and your DNA will be restored to how it was when you purified the blood.


    Climbing: Spider DNA gives player the ability to climb walls!
    Flying: Bat DNA gives player the ability to fly! To fly jump off something high into the air and double tap jump.
    No Fall: Chicken DNA gives player the ability to not take damage from falling!
    Fireproof: MagmaCube DNA gives player fore resistance!
    Fire Balls: Blaze/Ghast DNA gives player the ability to shoot fireballs! While sneaking left click the air with fist to shoot.
    Explode: Creeper DNA gives player the ability to explode on death!
    Teleport: EnderMan DNA gives player the ability to teleport! While sneaking right click the ground with fist.
    Eat Grass: Cow/Pig/Sheep DNA gives player the ability to eat grass! While sneaking left click the ground with fist.
    Jump: Horse DNA gives player the ability to jump high!
    Burn: Zombie/Skeleton DNA gives player the ability to burn in the day! (You can inject enemies with this)
    Woolly: Sheep DNA gives player the ability to shear themselves! While sneaking right click with shears.
    Speed: Ocelot DNA gives player the ability to run fast!
    Milk: Cow DNA gives player the ability to milk themselves! While sneaking right click with empty bucket.
    Water: Squid DNA gives player the ability to breath underwater!
    Poison: Cave Spiders DNA gives player the ability poison anything you attack! (With fist)
    Wither: Wither Skeleton DNA gives player the ability wither anything you attack! (With fist)
    Undead: Zombie/Skeleton DNA stops the player from being targeted by mobs. (Sometimes)
    Canine: Wolf DNA makes all nearby tamed or untamed wolves attack any entity that attacks you. (Unless their canine too)
    Villager: Villager DNA makes villagers think your one of them so you can ask them for free items. (Every so often)
    PigMan: PigMan DNA makes pigmen think you are one of them and assist you when your attacked. (If their nearby)
    Stone: SilverFish DNA gives player the ability to turn into a block of stone while sneaking.
    Slime: Slime DNA gives player the ability to re-spawn with half heath at their death point when they die. (If there heath is more than half)
    Witch: Witch DNA makes the player auto-use needed non-splash potions. If your about to die, a heath potion, on fire, fire resistance.
    Snow: SnowMan DNA makes the player melt in hot biomes like Desert, Jungle, Savanna, or Mesa. (Also the Nether)
    Wither Skulls: Wither DNA gives player the ability to shoot wither skulls! While sneaking left click the air with fist to shoot.
    End: Ender Dragon DNA makes the player drop all their XP on death.
    Soup: MooShroom DNA gives player the ability to get soup from themselves! While sneaking right click with empty bowl.
    Night Vision: Bat DNA gives player the ability to see in the dark!
    Thorns: Cactus DNA gives player the ability to auto damage anything that attacks them!
    Escape: Dragon Egg DNA gives player the ability to auto teleport away when their taking lots of damage!
    Regeneration: End Crystal DNA gives player the ability to regenerate heath!

    NOTE: The DNA from End and lower has not been added yet, but is planed.


    You can breed diseases and vaccines for them.
    If you are sick a vaccine for that disease will cure you.
    Some diseases can be caught by going near players infected with it.
    To make a vaccine for a disease simply combine an anti-cell with a
    fully breeded sickness cell.

    List of Diseases:
    To get it breed Rotten Flesh with any level 10 DNA.

    • Slowness I
    • Mining Fatigue I
    • Weakness I
    • Nausea I
    Additional effects:

    • Can be transferred to nearby players.
    Black Death:
    To get it breed Fermented Spider Eye with level 10 Poison DNA.

    • Wither I
    • Hunger I
    • Weakness II
    Additional effects:

    • Can be transferred to nearby players.
    To get it breed Sugar with level 10 Undead DNA.

    • Slowness II
    • Mining Fatigue V
    • Strength V
    Additional effects:

    • Gives you Burn DNA.
    • If you hit players (who don't have this sickness) or animals with your fist your slowness goes away and you get regeneration.
    • Can be transferred by hitting un-armoured players with fist.
    To get it breed Eye of Ender with level 10 Burn DNA.

    • Blindness I
    • Hunger III
    • Weakness I
    • Nausea II
    Additional effects:

    • Can be transferred to nearby animals.
    Scarlet Fever:
    To get it breed Wither Skull with level 10 Wither DNA.

    • Slowness III
    • Weakness V
    • Nausea III
    Additional effects:

    • Can be transferred to nearby players.
    • You catch on fire.
    Unknown how to get.

    • Night Vision I
    • Blindness I
    • Slowness I
    • Weakness X
    • Poison I
    Additional effects:

    • Can be transferred to nearby players.

    /ag help

    /ag reload

    /ag clearAbilities <player>

    /ag give <player> <ability>

    /ag abilities

    /ag ahowAbilities (Shows the abilities of the player your looking at.)


    Q: I can't put water in the Analyser!
    A: Pour water underneath the machine.

    Q: A machine won't work!
    A: Make sure the world is enabled and it is built correctly.

    Q: I cant put DNA in the centrifuge!
    A: Put the blood in the bottom slots and click the DNA on the top slot and it will mix.


    Permission to use the commands:



    1. Drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart the server.

    3. Edit the config and pick the enabled abilities ect.

    4. Do /ag reload

    Here is an example config:

    #Advanced Genetics Config:
    # - <all>
    # - overworld
    - test_enabled_world
    #enableParticles toggles the machine particals.
    #resetAbilitiesOnDeath toggles the removal of all abilities on death.
    #centrifugeChance is the chance you will fail, the higher the more chance.
    enableParticles: true
    resetAbilitiesOnDeath: true
    centrifugeChance: 5
    #Add all your perms that enable flight, this is needed if you have "Flying" set to true.
    # - ""
    # - ""
    - ""
    #Enabled diseases:
    Flu: true
    BlackDeath: true
    Ebola: true
    Anthrax: true
    Scarlet Fever: true
    SmallPox: true
    #Enabled abilities:
    Flying: true
    FireBall: true
    Poison: true
    Climb: true
    NoFall: true
    Milk: true
    EatGrass: true
    Explode: true
    Teleport: true
    Jump: true
    Health: true
    Speed: true
    FireProof: true
    Woolly: true
    Wither: true
    DayBurn: true
    Undead: true
    Water: true
    Canine: true
    Villager: true
    PigMan: true
    Stone: true
    Slime: true
    Potion: true
    #Ability Options:
    maxHealth: 60
    jumpHight: 3
    speedSpeed: 2
    villagerGiftTime: 128
    slimeCool: 300
    VillagerMessage: "&cHere you go."
    - "3:10"
    - "4:10"
    - "35:5"
    - "38:1"
    - "47:2"
    - "50:10"
    - "86:2"
    - "260:5"
    - "263:6"
    - "264:1"
    - "265:1"
    - "266:1"
    - "287:3"
    - "288:2"
    - "289:1"
    - "295:10"
    - "296:6"
    - "297:1"
    - "318:5"
    - "338:3"
    - "344:8"
    - "349:4"
    - "352:2"
    - "354:1"
    - "357:5"
    - "360:3"
    - "365:3"
    - "371:5"
    - "388:1"
    - "391:5"
    - "392:5"


    Upcoming Features
    - More abilities!

    - Disguise craft to look like mobs!


    If you like my plugins and want to help me out:



    MC Stats
    This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

    • A unique identifier
    • The server's version of Java
    • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    • The plugin's version
    • The server's version
    • The OS version/name and architecture
    • The core count for the CPU
    • The number of players online
    • The Metrics version
    Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

    This plugin's source can be found here:


    Check out my YouTube for more Minecraft awesomeness:

    Keep up to date with my stuffs at my FB page/Twitter:

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