Advanced Hunger 2015-12-27

Allows you to manage how hunger and starvation should act.

  1. JakeQuin0113
    Advanced Hunger allows you to add a bit more challenge on your server, by altering the consequences when you go hungry! It also allows you to give players the ability to get regeneration from eating food!​

    • advhunger.nodie
      Allows the user to not die from starvation.
    • advhunger.eatregen
      Allows the user to regenerate every time he eats.
    • advhunger.admin
      Allows the user to reload config
    Code (Text):
    Prefix: "&8[&cAdvanced &7Hunger&8] &c"
    #The 'tag' that shows before messages
    foodRegenLevel: 1
    #How strong  should the regen be when eating food?
    foodRegenDuration: 20
    #How long should the regen be when eating food?
    starveLevel: 8
    #How low should a player's starvation level before starving? (Full hunger is 20)
    starvationPower: 5
    #How strong (deadly) should the starvation be?

    None yet, suggest some!

Recent Reviews

  1. LukaRuso
    Version: 2015-12-27
    Awesome plugin, I've been trying to find something like that for a long time and I've finally found it. Good job author!
  2. Mita
    Version: 2015-12-27
    Great plugin! I love how it's few permissions that needs to be added before you can actually use it 100%! Love it :D
  3. KingAlterIV
    Version: 2015-12-27
    Great for Hardcore Faction, and Hardcore Survival
    And Hardcore Vanilla Servers

    Hopefully you make it so you can customize the food hunger :D
    Like (raw) chicken gives half a bar, and (cooked) chicken gets 3 bars :)
    1. JakeQuin0113
      Author's Response
      I can do that! :D Will probably be added next update!