Advanced Lasers 1.0

Like my Lasers plugin, but with an unlimited amount of custom lasers!

  1. ChaoZ
    This plugin adds powerful Lasers to your arsenal. Additionally you can also use them as a mining tool to break blocks very efficiently!


    - This plugin is basically a smaller and much more inefficient plugin than this one. The only advantage is, that you will basically have an unlimited amount of lasers.
    If you don't need more than one laser, it is highly recommended to download this plugin!

    1) Actually it is the same as here ;).
    2) Additional permissions: "" (name is the ID of the created lasers): Use permission for a certain laser
    3) Change values ingame with the command /laserconfig <lasername> <key> <value>. You can see every key with the command /laserconfig without arguments and a list of lasernames with the command /laserconfig list. After changing a value, type /laserconfig reload to recalculate the lasers.
    4) Create lasers: At the beginning, there is only one laser with the name "default". To create more lasers, type /laserconfig default copyto <yourLaserNameOfYourChoice>. This copies every value of the default laser to the new laser. After that, simply modify the values with the command at point 3).

    Example: You want a new laser which is identical to the default laser, but with a light blue beam:
    1) /laserconfig default copyto bluelaser: This creates a new laser called bluelaser. The name is important, because it's the ID.
    2) /laserconfig bluelaser color 100,100,255: This changes the color of the laser called bluelaser to 100,100,255, which is light blue.
    3) /laserconfig reload: Recalculates the lasers, so that the effects will take place
    4) /laser: Opens the GUI with every laser, now simply grab it!
    4.1) /laser bluelaser: Get the laser directly without GUI!

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