Advanced PlayerGUI 1.0

New way of working with players! In a hub GUI too!

  1. Triston
    All you need is SkQuery and Skript to use this

    <<<Permissions / Commands>>>
    /playergui or /pg
    Permission for it is editable in the options. // soon to be config \\

    <<<Pics of plugin>>>

    - Working Ban / Kick (Red / Yellow)
    - Integrated muting system (orange)
    - working "Jail" (iron bars)
    - Heal / Feed working (Brown / Pink)
    - Clear inventory of player (Green)
    - kill player (Black)
    - Send the player to surface (Gray)
    - TP player to you or TP to player (Cyan)

    <<<Working on: >>>
    - Lores for the items
    - Enable / disable features in options
    - Working Config
    - Video for recourse

    - Skype : Dev.Relax
    - Email : [email protected]
    - Spigot : just pm me here
    - Server is currently not up

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Recent Reviews

  1. Crashcrafter
    Version: 1.0
    Really cool idea :D and it is really well designed! You could add some things like viewing the player's IP and UUID ^^