Advanced Portals 0.2.0

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

  1. sekwah
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Maxqia, Grizz(Logo and banner)

    For older than 1.13 you will have to go back to versions older than 0.0.42 which you can get here

    If you are looking for 1.7.10 the older versions support 1.7 and 1.8 :)

    ALSO if you want to use a gui command do not use the triggerblock portal, use air or water.

    Please remember this plugin I still in heavy development and will be undergoing a complete recode. However the main features work perfectly fine and as far as I know it is about the most efficient way you can make a portal plugin like this.

    Advanced Portals is a new portal plugin for bukkit made by sekwah41, designed to have a wide range of features which are easy to use. The plugin adds a bunch of commands to create and edit portals and destinations. This plugin not only enables normal teleportation but also cross server teleportation for networks using bungee.

    The plugin is designed to be as light end efficient as possible as well as offer powerful features.

    If you would like any new features or to report a bug please create a ticket on github.

    Now use /portal (portalblock, gatewayblock or endportalblock) to get a special piece of wool to place the types of block. Also you can punch a portal block with the portalblock to rotate it now.

    Check the wiki for extra info e.g. TriggerBlock names

    Commands and Portal Tags
    (the github wiki is a bit well poorly layed out and an annoying to change because its got odd layouts and displays quite disgustingly in tables with loads text after, feel free to ask about specifics on the discord and ill need to make a proper page rather than a git wiki)

    Source Code

    Video on how to use portals by BashBR (portuguese)

    Current Features
    • Custom portal creation
    • Bungee portals
    • Enabled you to build with the portal block so you can build portals with custom shapes
    • Commands when entering portals
    • Warp effects (Like explosions or eye of end effects, must be enabled in the config as it is disabled by default)
    • Protection regions around portals to stop players without permission griefing them(this involves explosion protection and freezes all fluid movement in a raduis(can also be used for water and lava portals, although the lava still sets you on fire at the moment)
    • Custom message prefix(you can change messages to normal players to have your server name in front of it so it feels more like part of the server)
    • Portal trigger blocks, specify what block you want the plugin to check for, you can even use half blocks and stair combinations to make some quite unique portals.
    • An edit menu which shows portal details but still needs proper editing functions added
    • Most features can be altered or toggled by changing variables in the config.
    Planned features
    • Editing existing portal data(can only rename at the moment)
    • Upgrade the developer api to allow registering custom tags.
    NOTE: Currently working on a complete re-code (yes i started a while back but started working again on 8th of April) which should be even more efficient and also allow more features, functionality and as well as addons for anything really! :D

    This really helps motivate me to work more on my online stuff because it shows people like it enough/want it enough to donate to help support me.

    Contact Me
    If you have any suggestions or general discussion about advanced portals or any other work feel free to join the discord and mention me, generally discuss or just send me a pm :) I will more likely respond faster there when I am less active here. Though you can still just send me a pm on here.



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Recent Reviews

  1. RoWe_
    Version: 0.2.0
    At least a very good Plugin. Just an Idea (would work perfectly for my Server) is to make a RandomTeleport Option for e.g a FarmWorld.
    Would this be a thing? I hope so! :)
  2. YushaTV
    Version: 0.2.0
    This plugin worked great for my server. Very easy to install and configure. I didn't understand a command so I went to the AP discord and they helped me right away.
  3. LucidAPs
    Version: 0.2.0
    Excellent plugin, lightweight with deep customization and yet very simple to use and get the hand of it. In my opinion a much better alternative to the over convoluted multyverse plugin especially for people that simply want to create pretty portals.
  4. Prostedeni
    Version: 0.2.0
    nice, but are there any perms? i dont see no link for permissions. Could you please add portal with random destination between some x, y and z coordinates?
  5. Altitude
    Version: 0.0.51
    So glad we have this portal plugin - we've been using it for years and have found many uses for it throughout all of our servers - rtp portals, lobby server-selection portals, and special uses in server events. Great plugin!
  6. Karaoke
    Version: 0.0.49
    Works exactly as intended. Would love to have an option added sometime to enable random tps (example) destination could be set to random and you could teleport anywhere in the world.
  7. AccioAce
    Version: 0.0.49
    A very nice developer who helped me out, not just that but also a really good feature for portals. Highly Recommended
  8. rodriguinhodoml
    Version: 0.0.49
    Congratulations on your work, a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a price when using the portal?
  9. bigpresh
    Version: 0.0.49
    Switched from Multiverse Portals to Advanced Portals when we moved to 1.13, and haven't regretted it - excellent, flexible custom portal plugin, working great for us. Thanks!
  10. Hestia23
    Version: 0.0.49
    This is a great plugin that works if you'd like to add in any custom portals to your world. I'd love to see a feature where the developer allows Caps and Spacing in portal names. Otherwise, good job.