Advanced Portals 0.5.8

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

  1. Extra checks added to help slow join connections

    Extra checks added by tmantti to fix slow connections to new servers from activating the destination location too quick
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  2. Fixed packet exploit

    * Fixed packet exploit affecting destinations (only effecting versions 0.5.0 to 0.5.5).

    To download from git look in Assets bellow the description of the version, it should be called Advanced-Portals-0.5.6-snapshot.jar. I have swapped it to here for this update as this is an issue that needs a more immediate download speed than waiting for CurseForge to finally catch up.
    I was only notified about this earlier today. Luckily only destinations were effected, so people were only able to...
  3. Added support for 1.16

    • Added support for 1.16
    • Reworked chat menus to better use Spigot API
    • Changed edit menu to have Activate instead of Teleport to destination
    Future version support should be better now references to CraftBukkit have been completely removed now.

    Until CraftBukkit has updated it you can get the new build from here or on the Discord in the #advanced-portals announcement channel (discord link...
  4. Fixed portals warp command perms and added end gateway beam disabling

    • Added bungee backup methods to ensure bungee and desti work correctly together
    • Fixed protection region issue
    • Reworked the warp command and fixed the surrounding permissions
    • Disabling gateway beams is now enabled for placing the blocks as well as by a few other means
  5. Bungee desti tag changes

    This should have fixed the bungee desti bug. I have tested it with a couple of users though I am not too sure with some of the bungee API.

    I need to take a proper look at this but don't have the time right now to do extensive testing.

    The bungee API either is lacking a specific method is extremely vague or likely I've misunderstood it.

    If the update is not showing yet you can also get it from here
  6. Fixed bungee desti issue

    The wrong user was being targeted by the destination teleportation.

    This bug was specifically added in version 0.5.0 as it was swapping over from using server based uuid's. If your server is setup with ip forwarding and each of your underlying server set up correctly for it then this should not effect you if you have 0.4.0.

    Sorry for any inconveniences caused. I have archived these versions on bukkit to stop any further issues from people downloading these bugged versions.

    If the version...
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  7. Added bungee command tag and fix for bungee warps

    Added new command: tag as well as fixed the cross server destination warps.

    A new tag has been added to command. You can now use command:"%command" to send commands to bungee instead of the server.
  8. Individual portal cooldown added and bungee improvements

    The cooldown: tag has now been added to add per portal cooldowns (these will not be saved between server restarts) as well as leavedesti: has been added.

    cooldown: how long before a player can re-enter the same portal in seconds
    leavedesti: when the player gets moved to another bungee server where to move the player to on the original server.

    I will add these to the documentation when I can but that will have to be in a few weeks after exams.
  9. Cross server destinations

    You can now supply destinations on bungee portals as long as the plugin is installed on both the servers and bungee. Both the spigot and bungee plugins are included within the same jar so just make sure its in all the plugin folders :)
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  10. Fixed protection area being configurable

    Fixed the protection region and changed the tag from PortalProtectionRadius to PortalProtectionArea
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