Advanced Portals 0.2.0

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

  1. Added message tag

    New Features
    • Message tag (adds a message to the action bar on teleport)
    • Improved how the quotes work on tags that support spaces
    • Events wont be checked if another plugin cancels them now (done in the annotation not just code now)
    • Usage stats have now been moved to bStats (mcstats have been dead for almost a year now)
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  2. Added multi trigger block and random bungee

    Until Curse Forge has approved the file you can download it from here:

    Decided to follow the proper versioning values for this one.

    v1.0.0 will be the recode however due to changes to the backend api so far. (Portals now take a hashset of materials rather than just a single material)

    You can now add random bungee servers and multiple triggerblocks. Just seperate the material with a comma , or the server names with a...
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  3. Added delayed tag

    I have added a new tag for delayed portal use to allow the plugin to allow portals to act like normal portals.

    Curse Forge seems to be taking their sweet time to review my stuff at the moment so you can download it from here:

    I will possibly change the downloads to my own site as they are being extremely slow lately
  4. Fixed for 1.14.1

    It was causing an issue for 1.14.1 so I have removed it and will look at a better method though for now its fully removed as there were times were it would s slip up anyway.
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  5. Changed downloads to curse

    Seeing as GithHub doesnt make it clear about the versions, some people were confused about which version to use so I have changed it so it clearly states with all the versions together :)
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  6. Beacon disabler modified

    Beacon disabler now doesn't trigger in end dimensions as people were not able to teleport through gateways as well as most people wont have portals in the end
  7. Fixed issue with end portals

    End portals were trying to be triggered under the beacon code due to a check being wrong.

    Fix for #127
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  8. Updated gateway beacon blocker

    Changed reflection to grab the version by type rather than name. Should be more compatible for future versions.
  9. Gateway block beacon disabled

    A new config value has been added to control the beacon of gateway blocks when entities enter it. The creation beacon still exists though.
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  10. Portal rotation code fixed and end portal block

    Fixed issues
    • Can't rotate portal block #124
    • End gateway tool placed portal block
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