Advanced Potions - Standalone Potion Creator Beta 1.1

This is a very small application to create potions for the Advanced Potions plugin.

  1. ChaoZ
    Advanced Potions - Potion Creator
    This application is an easy way to create custom potions for the Advanced Potions plugin!
    Main plugin:

    You don't need to install anything. Just download this jar, put it wherever you want and execute it as a runnable jar file.
    jar runnable.png
    "Öffnen mit" means "open with" ;).

    Creating potions
    When executing the jar, a window should pop up, which looks like this:
    default window.png
    Now simply fill in every value. "Name" and "Lore" also support color codes, just write it like you would do in the chat.
    The effect table is also very simple, just fill in the values. If you want more effects, press the button "Add Effect" - if you don't like it, press "Remove Effect" ;).

    If you have filled in every value, press the "Create!" button. You should see a small message dialog which explains the further steps, but I'll explain it here too.
    First of all, copy the created text at the bottom (Click in the box, press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C):
    window with values.png
    Now, go to your items.yml file (plugins -> AdvancedPotions -> items.yml). Go to the end of the document, start a new line and simply paste your code:
    items.yml.png Now reload/restart the server and the potion will be added!

    Feel free to ask any questions, if you don't understand something ;).

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  1. Removed unnecessary code

Recent Reviews

  1. YGP
    Version: Beta 1.1
    tho the plugin is really good and I like the idea I can't use it because the main plugin is down I can't find the main plugin means that I can't use this...
  2. AgustinEzequiel2
    Version: Beta 1.1
    Good plugin very useful! Could you add an option to that of a message or to execute a command? please
  3. Fruity_TV
    Version: Beta 1.1
    Just what i was looking for! Great plygin.