Advanced Teleport 5.3.3

A plugin which is based on teleport stuff

  1. Thatsmusic99
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Niestrat99 (Founder), SuspiciousLookingOwl
    Founded by » Niestrat99

    Continued by » Thatsmusic99
    (Reworking this page right now, may take a bit!)


    If you have a bug report to make or a feature to request, please do it in the discussion tab or join our Discord server and don't use the review section.

    In order to go place feature requests on the pipeline, we must discuss it more with you, the user, to either find a workaround feature or decide how the feature can be implemented within AT.

    Please use the review section for genuine feedback, i.e. Pros and Cons of the plugin. From there we can definitely improve the plugin following that feedback, and help potential users decide whether they should use the plugin or not.

    Thank you.

    « Overview »

    Advanced Teleport, despite the name, is a very simple plugin which handles multiple teleportation functions that other plugins may not be able to handle.

    As of currently, this includes:
    Handling of teleportation requests » Containing all of the basics, including /tpa, /tpahere, /tpcancel... you name it!
    Enable and disable teleport requests » If you don't want to receive teleport requests at all you can simply disable them for yourself using one command.
    Take care of multiple pending teleport requests » This plugin allows you to take care of multiple pending teleport requests.

    Sound Alerts » For /tpa and /tpahere, you're able to get a sound notification when you receive a request!
    Blocking feature » If a player keeps sending you a teleport request and you get annoyed of it you can simply block them from sending a teleport request to you with only one command.
    Random/Wilderness Teleportation » Advanced Teleport contains a Random Teleport feature, which shoots you off to a random location in the world - not to mention, it uses a more efficient algorithm, making it faster than other plugins.*
    Pre-teleportation warm-ups » Periods that take place between confirming teleportation and commencing it. You can also choose whether moving cancels the teleportation!

    Command cooldown » Prevents players from spamming AT's teleporting commands. You can decide whether the cooldown applies to all commands, or is per-command.
    Largely Configurable » You can configure the vast majority of the plugin!
    Vault Support » You can make teleport requests cost money! In order to do that you would have to enable the Vault function in the config.yml file.
    Prices for sending teleport requests can be changed as well!
    Warps » You can make warp points and teleport to them!
    Interactive signs » You can create signs which warp you to a warp point, teleport you to a random place or even more!
    Homes » You can set home points to your location in case you want to get back there sometime!
    Accessible Warps and Homes List » You can interact with the homes and warps list by clicking on a home/warp and it'll teleport you there! You can also hover your mouse over the home/warp to see its location.
    Distance Limitations » Restrict how far your players can travel across the world by using AT's distance-limiting feature!
    Cross-World and In-World Limitations » Stop players teleporting within, to and from a world!
    Per-World Respawn Mechanics » Choose how your players respawn in different worlds - at the spawn, at a specific warp, or in their bed?
    Customisable Messages » 99% of the messages can be customized including the help menu and error messages! (Customizable messages can be found in the CustomMessages.yml)

    And much more!

    * AT uses a binary search algorithm to decide where to teleport, making it faster than a linear approach to finding a suitable location. There will be occasions, however, where it is either stupidly fast or a little delayed.

    COMMANDS and Permission nodes

    /athelp » Shows you a list of categories you can choose from in case you need to know the commands of a specific feature Do /athelp <category> to get the list of commands of this feature.(

    /tpa <IGN> » Sends a request to the player to teleport to them.


    /tpahere <IGN> » Sends a request to the player to teleport them to you. (

    /tpayes » Accepts a teleport request. If you have multiple requests, the plugin will show you a list of pending requests by players which you can accept by clicking on the names in the list. (at.member.yes)

    /tpano » Declines a teleport request. If you have multiple requests, the plugin will show you a list of pending requests by players which you can decline by clicking on the names in the list. (

    /tpcancel » Cancels a pending teleport request you've sent to a player. (at.member.cancel)

    /tpblock <IGN> » Blocks a player and prevents them from sending a teleport request to you. (at.member.block)

    /tpunblock <IGN> » Unblocks a player and allows them to send a teleport request to you. (at.member.unblock)

    /tpoff » Disables teleport requests for you. Players cannot send a teleport request to you. (

    /tpon » Enables teleport requests for you. Players can send a teleport request to you. (at.member.on)

    /rtp » Teleports you to a random place. (at.member.tpr)

    /warp <warp name> »
    Teleports you to an existing warp point.(at.member.warp)

    /warps »
    Gives you a list of warps. (at.member.warps)

    /spawn » Teleports you to the spawn. (at.member.spawn)

    /sethome <home name> » Sets a home point at your location.(at.member.sethome)

    /delhome <home name> » Removes a home point you have. (at.member.delhome)

    /home <home name/bed> » Teleports you to your home point./Teleports you to your bed location. (at.member.home)

    /homes » Gives you a list of home points you've set. (

    /back » Teleports you to your last location. (at.member.back)

    Admin Commands

    /tpo <IGN> » Instantly teleports you to another player without sending a request. (at.admin.tpo)

    /tpohere <IGN> » Instantly teleports the player to you without sending a request. (at.admin.tpohere)

    /tpaall » Sends a request to every player to teleport them to you. (at.admin.all)

    /warp set <Warp name> »
    Sets a warp point at the place you are. (at.admin.warpset)

    /warp delete <Warp name> » Deletes a warp point you've set. (at.admin.warpdel)

    /setspawn » Sets a spawn at your location. (at.admin.setspawn)

    /atreload » Reloads the Config of this plugin. (at.admin.reload)

    /atinfo » Shows information about the plugin as well as some links for if you have any bugs to report. (

    /sethome <player> <home name> » Sets a home point at your location for a player. (at.admin.sethome)

    /delhome <player> <home name> » Removes a home point from a player. (at.admin.delhome)

    /home <player> <home name> » Teleports you to a home point of a player. (at.admin.home)

    /homes <player> » Gives you a list of home points a player has set. (

    Config file
    The Config.yml will be automatically created when you use AdvancedTeleport the first time.

    You can find the Config.yml in plugins/AdvancedTeleport.

    In the Config.yml you can change:

    • Enable or Disable certain features (default: all features are set to "true")

    Current features available are:
    - Teleport
    - Warps
    - Spawn
    - RandomTP
    - Homes

    • Command Cooldown (default: 5 seconds)

    • Countdown before you teleport (default: 3 seconds)*

    • Make the teleport get cancelled when a player is rotating (looking around) (default: false)

    • The time of how long the teleport request will be pending (default: 60 seconds)

    • Teleport event lines - So you can now have your own lines being printed in the chat at those events: Before teleporting (
    ), while teleporting (eventTeleport) and when the teleportation gets cancelled (eventTPCancel)

    • useVault - That option basically enables or disables the use of Vault in this plugin (default: false)

    • TeleportPrice can let you change the price of how much a teleportation request will cost (default: 100)

    • EXPPayment - That option basically enables or disables the use of your EXP Levels to pay for sending teleport requests and the /tpr command. (default: false)

    • EXPTeleportPrice can let you change the price of how much EXP Levels teleportation will cost (default: 2)

    • vaultTPRCost lets you change the price of how much the use of /tpr will cost (default: 200)

    • EXPTPRCost lets you change the price of how much the use of /tpr will cost in EXP Levels (default: 4)

    • tpr.useWorldBorder - That option lets you enable or disable the use of the WorldBorder feature for /tpr. Basically it will prevent you to randomly teleport out of the world border (default: true)

    • tpr.minimum.X/Z and maximum.X/Z - The /tpr command will look for a random place in that radius you've set in these configurations. (default: minimum of X and Z = -10000 and maximum of X and Z = 10000)

    Don't worry, if you've deleted the file. Once you restart your server or use /atreload and it'll be re-created with the default settings.

    *The cooldown does not affect all commands!

    Interactive Signs

    As of currently, AT offers six different interactive signs:


    [Warps] » This displays all the available warps to the user. (Use Permission: at.member.warps.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.warps.create)

    [Warp] WarpName » Teleports the player to the specified warp. (Use Permission: at.member.warp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.warp.create)

    [Spawn] » Teleports the player to the spawnpoint. (Use Permission: at.member.spawn.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.spawn.create)

    [RandomTP] » Randomly teleports the player in the current world. (Use Permission: at.member.randomtp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.randomtp.create)

    [RandomTP] WorldName » Randomly teleports the player to a specified world. (Use Permission: at.member.randomtp.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.randomtp.create)

    [Bed] » Teleports the player to their bed if it exists. (Use Permission: at.member.bed.use-sign, Create Permission: at.admin.sign.bed.create)


    Here you can see some videos people have made about

    this plugin.

    Tutorial by LuxLacis (

    Showcase by LtJim007 (ServerMiner)

    You've made a video about this plugin? Make sure to send me the link to your video through direct message and I will link it to this section!


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    Additional informations
    I'm still a beginner at making plugins and this is my first plugin I've published, so I hope you like it.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or if you have found a bug then let me know about them on Discord!

    Support Discord:

    Thanks to Thatsmusic99 for helping me with some things there, please check out her awesome plugins:

    Do you like this plugin? Then please leave a review and let me know how I did!

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. IamSeverus
    Version: 5.3.3
    Muy bueno. Me parece genial esto de cobrar xp por teletransportarse, ya que realmente no me gusta esto pero es por mis amigos nomas.
    Ojala haya alguna traducción a español pronto por parte de alguien, aunque de apoco voy a hacerlo yo si puedo.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      ¡Hola a todos! Gracias por la revisión: Advanced Teleport no tiene soporte oficial multilingüe en este momento, ya que me resulta tedioso hacerlo con mi otro proyecto, HeadsPlus. ¡Sin embargo, encontraré una manera de implementar una versión mejor!
  2. Fabb_Ex3
    Version: 5.3.2
    5 ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
  3. hexagon02
    Version: 5.3.2
    Excellent plugin and a very kind staff always ready to help on discord!
    I look forward to try the MySQL database update ;)
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I too look forward to MySQL, thank the lord.
  4. basiccraft
    Version: 5.3.1
    Great plugin!
    I have a 1.16.4 and a 1.12.2 server and on both servers this plugin works great.
    in the config.yml are so much options to control this plugin u do not even need a permissions plugin or vault to adjust permissions for commands. for a simple server this is the best teleport plugin i have ever seen.
    the programmers are also really active and helpfull in their discord channel.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Hi there - thank you for the review, and thank you for giving us bug reports involving details that are important to us in order to fix any problems you are experiencing! I'm glad you're happy. ^^
  5. Epickun
    Version: 5.3.1
    Easy with all the features you will possibly need. It has warps and home so you don't need another plugin. One thing that would be convenient would me a yes or no you can click instead of typing /tpayes
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!

      Clickable yes and no messages in the /tpa and /tpahere messages has been on the pipeline for a long time and suggested quite a few times, so I'll be pushing its priority up and will hopefully get it done in the next major update (v5.4).
  6. enderguy321
    Version: 5.2.3
    This is great, I especially like the vault integration and XP charge. If I can offer some feedback for features i'd like to see:
    -Let the player see the teleport/XP cost when the countdown starts, so they can cancel if it's too expensive for them.
    -A cost multiplier for distance. The further away the player is from the target destination the higher the multiplier.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Hi there - in the future, please make feature requests over Discord (which is preferred) or in the discussion tabs so it can be discussed further. This is a repeated issue we've seen with recent reviews on AT; without the extra discussion and confirmations, we can't make request features become real.

      Thank you regardless.
  7. syconslaber
    Version: 5.2.3
    can yu make a plugin with just tp requests and nothing like home or warps cause in towny i dont allow set home hehehehe i am evil so i make it hard for nomads in towny and as yu good try to make a towny plugin too and name it DeluxeTowna!
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Firstly, please make requests like this to the discussion tab.

      Secondly, you can disable homes and warps in the config.yml file. Did you not check there first?
  8. PoloniaW4R
    Version: 5.2.3
    There is no way to make a premium user system that has access to so many monthly tp and so many for
    Subscriber and free


    User Cleber (free) 10 tps monthly

    User Toddy (Premiun) 30 tps

    User Sucrilhos (Subscriber)
    20 tp monthly
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Yeah, because it was never suggested.

      Please put forward suggestions through either Discord or the resource discussion instead.
  9. bbro1222
    Version: 5.1.5
    Though I do like the plugin it has flaws, first of all, it doesn't respect vanish, if a player were to tpa or tp to a vanished player even if they block requests it will say tp denied showing that a admin is online, also this plugin doesnt change enough for it to be considered any more than a copy
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review although you could've let us know about the vanish stuff so we could've worked on it.
  10. zuzaaaa
    Version: 5.1.5
    Plugin is really nice, it have all functions i wanted on my server. I have one problem with it, i dont know how to do home limit. I know you left a note about that, but i dont undersant it. Do i need LuckyPerms for it? Sorry but it's my first own server.
    1. Thatsmusic99
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review.

      In order to have a home limit set for a certain rank you'll need a permission plugin. LuckPerms is a good permissions plugin but you can choose any permissions plugin really.