Advanced Teleport 5.3.2

A plugin which is based on teleport stuff

  1. Another Hotfix... yes.

    [ + ] Fixed /sethome not working correctly.

    [ + ] Most likely removed some code that was not meant to be there;
    this was due to my panicking with the last hotfix.

    If my speculations are right and that code did end up in there, you now know I'm trying to work on a new project AND rework AT's config. Christmas (if it does happen this year...) came early!
  2. Another Hotfix

    [ + ] Fixed the plugin failing to start up if Vault was not on the server.
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  3. RTP Improvements, new signs, default permissions list and plenty of bug fixes!

    Hey hey, major update time! You can see the features for the next planned update here.

    [ + ] Added the bed and warps sign. In addition to this, the signs system was almost entirely reworked.

    [ + ] Reworked the RTP algorithm as teased repeatedly, so it is now faster and more stable. For context, the previous algorithm used a linear approach - it now uses a binary...
  4. I've done it again guys

    I forgot to remove the debug messages

  5. Update 5.2.2: Paper Support and Small Additions

    Hey there, AT club! I've got a few things to share with you regarding this AT update and some background changes I've made - and am in the process of making.

    [ + ] Added proper support for Paper, meaning that all teleportations made are now async as long as you're using Paper as your software. I'm not going to be a bother and include that recommendation for Paper whenever your Spigot server starts up, but please do note that AT will perform better in general...

    It has been a while, I know. But it comes with reasons.

    First however, the changelogs of this version:

    + Fixed permission problems with warps
    + Respawning is only handled when the spawn option is enabled
    + Fixed a weird NPE

    Now to the reason why I haven't been as active as I used to be lately.

    Well first of all there's school - it has gone serious as it's my last year of school and I wanna make sure that I'll get the best grades possible.

    Second reason is that I've been just having no...
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  7. Update 5.2

    Sure has been a while hasn't it? Really sorry for any sort of inactivity but I cannot seem to catch up with all the Advanced Teleport stuff lately.

    Anyways here we have a big update including tons of new things, changes and fixes.



    + Added a default homes limit in config.yml just to make life easier for everyone who doesn't get permissions quite yet.
    + Added at.admin.bypass.timer permission, which lets you skip the delay between teleporting
    + Added...
  8. Homes Patch V3 (5.1.5)

    Oh hello, 5.1.5, didn't expect you to show up this early!

    Remember when I said I won't post any small updates anymore? ..Well I jinxed myself there...

    Thanks to you guys we fixed yet another issue since I apparently broke it more than fixed it yesterday...


    - Fixed /sethome <HomeName> no longer working.

    - Fixed an empty message when teleporting to another player's home.

    Let me know if there are more issues showing up!
    Sorry for the inconvenience and updating it like three...
  9. Super quick patch

    There was another issue found in the homes commands which needed a quick fix! So sorry for this one! I'll make sure to not have to upload another byte-sized super quick patch again!


    + Fixed an issue where a player could not teleport to a home from a target player's homes list whilst they're offline.
  10. Homes Patch

    Thank you guys for bringing those home command issues to my attention!


    - Changed the admin homes command so that they can get a home list of a player that's offline.

    - Fixed a bug where setting a home for another player also sets a home for the command sender with the home's name being name of the target player.

    - Fixed a bug where deleting another player's home also makes the plugin attempt to delete a home with the name of the target player from the command sender's homes...