AdvancedBan 2.1.5

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for singel servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.12] v2.1.0 | Performance update

    Important Change:
    [+] Enhanced Bungeecord-Support
    [+] Dynamic UUID-Fetcher system
    [+] Auto detecting UUID-Fetcher-Settings
    [+] ab.XXX.all Permission nodes for bungee servers
    [~] Minor UUID-Fetcher bugfixes
    [+] Change reason command
    [+] Silent mode for punishments
    [+] Temporary IP Ban
    [+] Automatic update for configuration files
    [~] Changed local storage from .yml file to HSQLDB #PerformanceBoost
    [~] Now only the punishments of online users are cashed
    [+] Prevented SQL-Injection
    [+] Improved compatibility with other plugins like Staff+
    [~] Fixed port-setting for MySQL

    Code Changes:
    [+] Unit-Tests with JUnit5
    [~] AdvacnedBan is now a Maven Project c:
    [~] Some code improvements
    [~] Switched from McStat to bStats

    How to update:

    1. Stop the server
    3. Upload the new version of AdvancedBan
    4. Restart the server and see with /advancedban if the new version is running
    5. Have fun by banning people :)
    BTW the message and config file automatically add the missing settings from the new version \^o^/

    New commands & permissions:
    /change-reason [ban/mute] [PLAYER] [New reason]
    /change-reason [ID] [New reason]
    > Change the reason for a punishment

    Note when updating:
    As the local punishments are now stored in a HyperSQL Database and not in the data.yml file anymore the old one won't work after updating.

    If you want to keep the old punishments from the data.yml file contact me on skype: Leoko33 and for a fee of 5USD I'm going to run your data.yml through a converter so that you get the data for HyperSQL
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