AdvancedBan 2.1.5

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for singel servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.12] v2.1.5 | UTF-8 MySQL Support & Major Bugfixes

    Important / Most requested:
    [+] UTF-8 Support for MySQL
    [+] Added capitalization for player names while on the server
    [+] Added an option in the config to disable prefix
    [+] Enhanced compatibility with other Plugins
    [~] Fixed Bungeecord-Tab-Exploit
    [~] Major bugfixes

    Other Changes:
    [+] Compatibility with vanilla-bans
    [+] Bungee-Messaging-Channel can be used for Punishments
    [+] Added a more colorful startup and shutdown message :>
    [+] Now you can use /check "id" to check by punishment ID
    [~] Fixed a typo that was causing useless lines to be written in the config for the logs purge feature.
    [~] Updated some debug messages.
    [~] Fixed the plugin wasn't writing to log files while debug is disabled.
    [~] The update check now is done through the spigot api.
    [~] Fixed notifications weren't sending with EnableAllPermissionNodes and the ab.all permission.
    [~] Now the messages saved in the internal log are saved with the time.

    This update was brought to you by @Beelzebu
    Other contributors: MelonCola, ThePineapple27, @TreyRuffy, @Appie & Myself
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