AdvancedBan 2.3.0

AdvancedBan is a ban plugin for single servers and server networks with a great looking ban message

  1. AdAdvancedBan v2.3.0 | Bungee offline permissions & core changes

    In this version, there have been major structural changes to AdvancedBan's codebase.
    So if you are using some other plugins that rely on the AdvnacedBan API there is a good chance that they might stop working until they get updated to the new API version.

    [~] AdvancedBan got split into multiple Maven projects
    [+] Offline permission support for Bungeecord through LuckPerms
    [+] Support for CloudNet
    [~] Leaving a message empty ("") in the message file will now stop the plugin from sending that...
  2. AdvancedBan v2.2.1 | Note System & Tab-Completion [Hotfix]

    [!] Hotfix for automatic update of Message.yml

    The old version-update missed two spaces (" ") at UnNote>Clear>Empty and UnNote>Clear>Done causing an message error for some servers
  3. AdvancedBan v2.2.1 | Note System & Tab-Completion

    [+] Note System (/note, /notes, /unnote | Similar to warns but no receiving-notification and no effect)
    [+] Advanced Tab Completion for all commands (e.g. suggestion of available Message-Layouts)
    [~] Fixes for /change-reason command

    Note: Once you have added you first note to a player (/note) you won't be able to downgrade to an older version again
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  4. AdvancedBan v2.2.0 | Various fixes

    [~] Fixed compatibility issues with other plugins rated to SQL Storage
    [~] Fixed mute commands triggering false positives
    [+] Add config option to toggle commands behavior
    [+] Add config option for MySQL connection parameters
    [~] Fixed warn action issue
    [~] Fixed change reason command
    [~] Fixed more minor bugs
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  5. AdvancedBan v2.1.9 | Database connection pooling & more

    [+] Connection pooling for MySQL and HSQLDB with HikariCP
    [+] Added Vault support so that exempt permissions also work when a player is offline
    [~] MySQL Data can now be directly entered in the config.yml
    [~] Fixed caching issues with /unpunish and /unwarn
    [~] Some minor fixes

    Required action: none

    Note: The following setting is now available in the config.yml (will be true for old configs)
    Code (YAML):
    # Whether to disallow connections to the server when there is an error
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  6. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.15] v2.1.8 | Command fixes & UTF-8

    [+] (Re)introduced /systemprefs & /tempipban command
    [~] Enforced UTF-8 for all config files. You can now use UTF-8 symbols without escaping them \^O^/
    [~] Fixed /unpunish command
    [~] Fixed /warns command
    [~] Fixed IP Ban being displayed as a normal ban.
    [~] Fixed reasoned layouts
    [~] Fixed time calculation (Time Layouts)
    [~] Patched small displaying issues

    Required action: none

    Note: An WarningsOwn: section got added to the [FONT=Courier...
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  7. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.15] v2.1.7 | Fixes and better error handling

    [+] /check now shows whether the player's data is currently cached
    [~] Fixed message for /unpunish
    [~] Fixed permissions for /warns
    [~] Fixed issue with using Time or Message Layouts in v2.1.6
    [~] Stacktraces of errors will now be written to the advancedban log files for easier debugging
    [~] AdvancedBan won't check users that have already been denied access by other plugins (Prevents server crash during bot attacks)

    Required action: none

    Recommended action:
    Replace the...
  8. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.15] v2.1.6 | Layered exmept permissions & dev update

    [~] Rewrote complete command system and other major parts of the Plugin
    [~] Fixed 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds issue (now displays 24 hours)
    [+] Layered exempt permissions (see below)
    [~] Changed notify permissions from ab.TYPE.notify to ab.notify.TYPE so you can do ab.notify.*
    [~] Small bug fixes

    [*] AdvancedBan is now reliably available as a Maven dependency
    [*] Added JavaDocs (can be found only)
    [*] Improved CI for easier and faster development/contribution

    Layered exempt...
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  9. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.12] v2.1.5 | UTF-8 MySQL Support & Major Bugfixes

    Important / Most requested:
    [+] UTF-8 Support for MySQL
    [+] Added capitalization for player names while on the server
    [+] Added an option in the config to disable prefix
    [+] Enhanced compatibility with other Plugins
    [~] Fixed Bungeecord-Tab-Exploit
    [~] Major bugfixes

    Other Changes:
    [+] Compatibility with vanilla-bans
    [+] Bungee-Messaging-Channel can be used for Punishments
    [+] Added a more colorful startup and shutdown message :>
    [+] Now you can use /check "id" to check by...
  10. AdvancedBan [1.7-1.12] v2.1.4 | Error-Logs, Reasond layouts and bugfixes

    [+] Log system for debugging
    [+] Added variables %DD%, %HH%, %MM% and %SS% for punish messages
    [+] Layouts can now have reasons
    [~] Major bugfixes